Get Olympic! Team GB Nails


Olympic Nail Art, Team GB Nail Art

Things are just brilliant at the moment in the UK!

The Olympics are on & Team GB have brought their game to the games!

In celebration of all things Team GB, Pretty Luscious Things I have done our first video tutorial!!

Union Jack Nail Art, Team GB Nail Art
Union Jack Nail Art
Yes, I can't believe it but I was so inspired by all the efforts being done by our fabulous guys & gals I could not stop myself by doing some Team GB inspired nail art.

The video is live on YouTube but I have of course pasted it below.

The video is a short tutorial which shows how I turned my boring nails into something worthy of a gold! 

Union Jack Nails, Team GB Nail Art
Go Team GB!!
The nail polishes are available from Next £10. The kit contains some fantastic colours & I can't wait to do something else with the rest of them.

Next Nail Polish Library, Gold Collection
Gold by Next
This is my first time ever doing a video so please be kind. Hopefully this is the start of something fabulous & next time there will be music!! I did have a fantastic track lined up but it was drowning out the sounds of my voice in a key part so I had to stick with the original audio.

Please send me any questions & if you do any Olympic inspired nail art then send me the pics!

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