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Nina Detox Sample Pack, Pretty Luscious Things

Just over a month ago I started taking Nina Detox's sample pack.


Well Nina lost 45lbs in 10 weeks & I wanted some of that action!!

For those of you not in the know Nina Detox is a lady who sells a variety of pills to help you lose weight & cleanse your system. Nina herself is the spokesperson for her company & lost a staggering 45lbs when she took the tablets.

Now I know that diet pills are the devil & you can't lose weight long term with using diet pills but I still want to take them anyway so meh! 

I ordered the sample pack which lasts just under a month & it contains a mix of Nina's best sellers. The idea is to take the tablets on set days & then let your body tell you which combination of tablet works for you & optimum weight loss. Once you've figured it out you then know which product to order as not every tablet suits 'everybody'.

The sample pack contains: 12 x ND1, 10 x ND2, 12 x ND3, 12 x ND 4 & 4 x Fiber Pills.

So how did I get on?

Nina Detox Sample Pack
Nina Detox Sample Pack
I ordered the tablets online & the came in approximately 5 working days which was really quick since Nina is based in the States & I'm in the UK. 

The tablets came with full instructions in snazzy silver envelopes but the presentation was let down by badly photocopied instructions.

What about the products?

The instructions on how to use the tablets were easy to understand & Nina is always available via twitter/members forum & Facebook. Some women have mentioned a laxative effect with some of the tablets but I must admit to having no such effect. Some of the tablets have the usual effects that you have when taking diet pills like a rush of energy & sometimes I was unable to get to sleep. I think the pills that seemed to work best for me were ND 4.

I lost a total of 9lbs over the month which was okay 

Grace Jones
Grace Jones attempts a awkward foot massage

Would I buy them again?

No, not because they're not good but because with the shipping cost to the UK they work out to be expensive $60 (£39). I can find something here in the UK for less money. Plus I think these tablets only really work if you have a problem with portion control. I've seen amazing results on the plus size ladies.  I put on weight because I don't work out. Every time I get the exercise bug after 2 weeks I'm like Grace Jones! But if I was in the States I would be ordering this product as it does seems to work & your not paying for international shipping charges.

Overall the pills are a great buy if your in the States or if you don't mind paying for shipping costs.

Woman Dieter with Scales
Will I be thinner if I weigh myself this way?

As for me? The quest continue's....

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  1. She or whomever since no one really knows who she or he is, reseals the pills which is why the pills are loose and the brochure is a website printout. She does not manufacture the pills and does not list the manufactured product name. I figured it out once I ordered it and I had most of the pills in my possession to compare. My point: just order the manufactured product that works best for you.

  2. I agree, its very easy to find out where they get the product from or what the products are even though they repackage them. I bought them thinking 'give it a go' but I would definitely go to the source the next time.

  3. How do I go about finding out who the manufacturer of the pills are?

  4. Do you know the manufacturer I also live in the uk and have been wanting to try these pills, but am not happy to pay for expensive shipping

  5. Hi Ladies,

    I can't remember exactly who the manufacturer is but if you head over to BHM (Black Hair Media Forum) and head to the diet section or do a search there are quite a few threads about NINA and who the manufacturers really are. If you get stuck - email me via here and I will find the link and post it for you.x

  6. Has anyone had any luck finding out who the manufacturer is yet I've had a look on the BHM website as suggested but can't seem to find it.

  7. This is a scam! Don't take my word for it do the research yourself! I did a little of an hour of research about this product and found out it contain illegal substances, it is repackaged from another company. When I asked the Nina Detox page for a full list of ingredients I was immediately blocked. Also I found fake website and Instagram pages that are used to promote it. Be careful you all do some research about these products you use please! Just because something is showing results doesnt mean its good for you! Come on folks!

  8. I found a link to the page!!

  9. I used the Nina Detox product for about 3 months back in 2014. I lost 81lbs using this product, so it's not a scam and it does work. As for it being "all-natural", I can't prove that. I will be honest and say that I prayed over the product and took it for 3 months to get the results I wanted. In this day and time, we could die by eating a burger from the wrong fast food joint, so I wasn't going to freak out about trying a weight loss pill. I just didn't become dependent on it.


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