£50 Outfit Challenge


Cara Dress, Boo Hoo

I received a email from Fashion Vouchers asking me could I create a outfit from Boo Hoo for £50?

Of course I can I thought.... But then I remembered the time I was challenged to go on a night out for under £50 which failed miserably after I ordered my first drink.... a bottle of Champagne.

This was not going to be as easy as I first thought.

Boo Hoo is one of my favourite sites, its a great site for finding the latest fashion at really reasonable prices. 

I've often bought clothes from Boo Hoo so I knew I would find lots of great pieces but I was not so certain if I could get a entire outfit for £50.

I had a good forage on the site & after getting a little bit distracted (my new clothes should be here next week!!) I rose to the challenge & I reign supreme!

One fabulous outfit for Saturday night out including shoes!

Yes, I do rock!
Boo Hoo £50 Outfit Challenge
Lexie Earrings £5| Cara Lace Dress £12 | Fearne Skull Bag £15 |
Tara Diamante Cuff £5 | Shoes £12 = £49!
Boo Hoo £50 Outfit Challenge by prettylusciousthings 

What do you think? Could you find a outfit for £50 on Boo Hoo?

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  1. hiya,nice blog.i am following now pls do follow back.lets follow each other on blogger too.

  2. Hi, Glad you liked the blog, I've also been over to yours and shown some love.

    Thanks for stopping by. x

  3. Oooooh I love the Fearne Skull Bag that you've sourced. I didn't see that bag when I was trawling boohoo looking for items for my entry. Think a small purchase may be in order now!!

    Good luck with the comp.

    Love C xx

  4. Hi Claire!

    I love Boo Hoo its one of the downfall's of my credit rating. I was really looking for something for myself when I came across the Fearne bag. It fitted right into my outfit scheme & I think I will be joining you in a little purchase!!



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