DIY Beaded Nail Manicure


DIY Micro Beaded Nails

All this summer I have coveted beaded....

Those tiny gorgeous black balls..

Oh my! 

Ever since I saw the daddy of all beaded nails Caviar Nails by Ciate. I have wanted to try out the product & the look but alas alongside all my other beauty buys I could not quite stretch to the £22 for it.

So of course being a budget babe I went in search of a bargain online to quench my nail envy.

Black Beaded Nails, DIY Beaded Nails at Home
Black Beaded Nails
I always thought that doing this kind of nail art was much more complicated than what it is.

You literally paint your nails & then pour the beads over the top whilst the nails are still wet!

This is super easy to do for a night out but I’ve never had more than a day’s wear out of them.

You can either be a budget babe like me & grab the beads of eBay for £1.99 or splash out & buy Ciate’s Version for £21.

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