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Kim Kardashian,  Facial Contouring

Make-up as always been key to changing people's looks.

Sometimes this can be using this seasons hottest new colours or a new lippie but the biggest make-up trend to to filter down to the masses is facial contouring.

What's facial contouring I hear the uneducated say?

Step inside for a quick masterclass.

Facial contouring is shading some parts of your face & highlighting other parts so that shadow & light fall appear to fall on your face. Facial contouring is fantastic as you can make your face look slimmer, your jawline not so heavy & your nose slimmer. Basically you can change your whole face if you do it correctly.

Kim Kardashian demonstrates Facial Contouring
Kim Kardashian shows us how to contour 
Facial contouring has been around in make-up from the year dot so news flash for all you Kim Kardashian haters... this.. is.. nothing.. new! Someones just been brave enough to be papped with their contour lines in place & not how they look when their on the red carpet.

I've been contouring my face for years & no-one has ever noticed, yes, I've had comments that I look different with make-up on but who doesn't?

Contouring is normally done in these key area's; temples, hollow of cheeks, sides of nose & the jawline. Whilst highlighting is done centre of forehead, bridge of nose, above cheek bones, in between hollow of check & jawline & cupids bow.

There are a number of different products that you can use for highlighting & contouring some people use different shades of foundations to achieve this look but I would strongly advise against this unless you're the queen of blending.

Sleek Contour Kit in Medium & Dark
Sleek Contour Kits in Dark & Medium £6.49 Superdrug

Sleek Contour Kits in Medium & Dark
I like to use both medium & dark kits!
The best way is to use a kit like this one from Sleek which comes in 3 shades, light (Caucasian - light to medium skin tone), medium (Olive skin to light brown - Beyonce/Rhianna) dark (Chocolate brown skin tone - Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Hudson....me!!!). 

MsPrettyLThings, Facial Contouriing
Fish Face!!
You simply apply your foundation like normal & then make the fish face! Take your contour kit & apply the dark shade in the hollow of your cheeks  in a sweeping motion. 

Use the highlighter then to accentuate your gorgeous cheek area. Once your proficient you can extend your contouring skills to the other areas of your face.

The kit comes with the instructions on how to use it for you visual gals here is a short video that should help you out.

Images (c) Instagram & Kim Kardashian

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  1. Hi Styleillusions Wigs,

    Its just a matter of practice with contouring. Even now sometimes when I do mine it goes a little pear shaped. The little contour kits from Sleek are great for a all in one, but I found that I had to buy both as sometimes I want a heavier/light look.


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