Karen's Hen Night


Village Inn Hotel, Swansea

Last weekend 13 slightly drunk giggly women headed to  Swansea to give one of our own a little send off.

Karen's  hen night in Swansea.

For the last 2 months emails, text messages & Facebook statuses have been leading  up to Karen's hen night.

We decided to let the evening go with the flow but before we arrived in Swansea to do a few little surprises for the bride-to-be.

Every hen party needs T-Shirts and we got this fab design online & had it customized with our own individual 'nicknames' taking the 'Little Misses' as inspiration.  

We had Little Miss Bride, Little Miss Bang Tidy, Little Miss Wise, Little Miss Chatty, Little Miss Dotty, Little Miss Naughty, Little Miss Bossy, Little Miss Busy, Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Tiny, Little Miss Trouble, Little Miss Bad, Little Miss Scary & Little Miss Princess (Me).

Wow! That's a lot of Little Misses!!

Little Miss Hen T-Shirts, Karen's Hen Night
Little Miss Hen T-Shirts
The T-shirts turned out fab & despite Little Miss Bad having a near miss with her T-Shirt everyone's T's looked fab & the bride-to-be looked surprised when she returned from the bathroom to see a row of Little Misses waiting for her.

We had told the bride that we were catching a mini bus down to Swansea & a couple of jugs of cocktails were consumed whilst we waited. The mini bus was due to arrive at 2.30 but 20 minutes later and it was not there... a few furtive glances were shared between me & the ladies  as we began to get a little nervous.

Cocktails, Las Iguanas
Cocktail time for Little Miss Tiny & Little Miss Sunshine 
The bride-to-be began to look a little worried & asked if everyone was okay & what was happening with the mini bus, I tried to act nonchalent & suggested more cocktails. We finally got hold of the car company who advised that the driver was just slightly delayed. Phew! I sat back poured another cocktail & hoped for the best.

Happy Bride-to-Be, Karen's Hen Night
Little Miss Bride-to-Be hanging out in the Limo
40 minutes later the car pulled up & we debarked from Las Iguana's slightly squiffy but ready for the day. 

The bride-to-be was truly surprised when she saw the stretch hummer limo & despite the CD continuously jumping all the way we managed to sing badly for the whole journey whilst sipping some fizz with strawberries.

Fizz in the limo, Karen's Hen Night
Karen's limo, Karen's Hen Night

Great plants! Village Inn Hotel, Swansea
Village Inn Hotel, Swansea
45 minutes later we pulled into the Village Inn  & was greeted by two slightly squiffy hens - Little Miss Chatty & Little Miss Dotty, who checked in earlier to decorate the bride-to-be's room as a surprise.

Little Miss Poems by Little Miss Dotty
Little Miss Poems by Little Miss Dotty
We had a quick toast in the room & poems about each Little Miss were handed out courtesy of Little Miss Dotty followed by mini goodie bags from me filled with false eyelashes, personalized  love hearts, stickers, party poppers & Sarah Jessica's Covet Perfume.

After getting ready into fancy dress (sorry, no pics) we headed up into town to shake or leg or two for a few hours before admitting defeat & headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest.

Pink Hummer Limo, Karen's Hen Night
Surprise! Pink Hummer Limo
The next morning after breakfast we gave the bride-to-be a last minute surprise with another limo hummer this time in pink back to the city.

Getting back home I was completely knackered & only had a teeny tiny hangover. The hen night was not the usual overtly drunk, 'what happens on tour, stays on tour' kind of night which was great as the amount of times I've heard of 'friends' accidentally breaking this rule to cause mischief is countless.

Village Inn Hotel, Swansea
Restaurant waiting area, Village Inn Hotel, Swansea
This was my first time in staying at one of the De Vere hotels & I was pleasantly surprised at how lovely the decor was & I want to give a special 'thank you' to the barman who made sure we had a ton of ice buckets & Lauren on reception who recommended a couple of bars.

If anyone is ever thinking of having a hen night in Swansea or even going to Swansea I definitely recommend it & the Village Inn hotel.

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  1. Karen (said bride to be)21 September 2012 at 17:47

    Awesome blog Amanda x Thank you

  2. Hi Karen

    Glad you liked the post.... Roll on the wedding!


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