Review: Malibu Sun Protection


Malibu Lotion Spray, Bronzing Butter & Bronzing Tanning Oil

In the last month we've had the hottest weather in the UK for what seems like donkey years.

Now as you know I don’t need to top up my tan but I was dying for it to be sunny so I could try out some products that I received from the recently relaunched Malibu range.

What Malibu the rum & coconut drink?

No darling, Malibu – The original sun care product providers.

A natural glowing tan is easily admired but sometimes a little difficult to achieve in the UK. Most girls either opt for the fake tan look or the minute the sun comes out, beer gardens are awash with ladies in strappy tops & no sun tan lotion ready for the lobster look the next day.

If you want to avoid this look try using sun protection.

I, of course don't need a sun tan but black skin still needs protecting from sun rays - suntan lotion is not just for fair skinned ladies.

As I have quite dry skin I used the bronzing butter to protect & moisturize my skin whilst I laid in the garden. 

Malibu Bronzing Butter
Oooh buttery! Malibu Bronzing Butter
The bronzing butter  is made for medium skin which burns easily but I found this was just the right type of protection for me. 

The product went on easily & it just melted into my skin - a little goes a long way & the smell was amazing.

My skin glistened in the sun & I'm not certain if it was the smell of the tropical coconut butter, the heat or the jug of cocktails but I drifted off to sleep in no time.  Malibu bronzing butter is a must have for me when I finally get out of the UK & on holiday.

My friend is normally a fan of fake tan but the lure of cocktails managed to persuade her to go natural for a little while so she could help me test the Malibu products. My friend helped herself to her second Cosmopolitan & spritzed herself with Malibu Bronzing Tanning Oil. The product went on easily & also had that nice coconutty smell.

Malibu Bronzing Tanning Oil & Malibu Bronzing Butter
Malibu Bronzing Tanning Oil & Malibu Bronzing Butter
After laying out in the sun for a few hours we rinsed ourselves off. The products came of easily enough & even though my friend was not the same shade as she would be using fake tan we thought the products would really come into their own on holiday.

Yes, honey Malibu Sun Protection is back & still as fabulous as ever!

What sun tan protection do you use? Or do you fake tan?

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