Silver Foxes


Top 5 Silver Foxes, George, Brad, Antonio, Jose & Daniel

I do love me a silver fox.

You can keep your Zac Efron’s, Justin Bieber’s & Connor Maynard’s.

I like my men in hot, sexy & in his prime!!

These are my top 5 hot silver foxes:

George Clooney, Silver & Foxy!
George Clooney

George Clooney... no explanation needed! 

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt... Anytime!

Brad Pitt – ever since Dallas 

Antonio Banderas
Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas – Hot & Latin! Aiii Carumba!!!

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho - The Special One indeed.

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig...

Those eyes & that body... 

License to kill? Nah, licence to thrill.

Yeah, this list needs to be laminated!

This is my top 5 silver foxes. Whose on your ‘list?’

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