How Gorgeous Are You?!


Supermodels: Linda Evangalista, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell & Christy Turlington for Versace

‘They’ are always saying that looks are not important.

Is this true or do unattractive people say this to make themselves feel better?!

'Looks’ are always a conversation topic that will have a group of people divided over who's attractive & who's not.  There are some people who walk  amongst us that no-one can argue over - they are just blatantly good looking like Angelina Jolie or Ian Somerhalder. But there are some people’s looks like Sarah Jessica Parker or Daniel Craig that can divide a room quicker than Ang vs Jen!

Angelina Jolie, Bathing Suit
Angelia Jolie........
So hot - water needs to be on standby
But apart from us all sitting around ‘judging’ people is there is a ‘proper’ way to find out just how good looking someone is? 

Yes! It’s called the golden ratio. 

The golden ratio is based on  a theory that all beauty can be measured by a series of measurements known sometimes as Phi or Fibonnaci numbers. Now this is a lifestyle blog, so I ain't gonna go into the whole maths thing but basically Phi equals the number 1.6 which can be found in nature when measuring how symmetric things are.  

Agyness Deyn overlaid  with Marquardt's Golden Ratio FaceTemplate
Agyness Deyn's perfect face in
Marquardt's Golden Ratio Template

So, based on the theory of Phi the more symmetric a face is the more attractive it is. Mix Phi  with some other equations like the width of  a mouth, the distance between the eyes & the length of the ears & nose & the golden ratio is born. That's it! The math is done!

Did you get that?! Basically if your face is symmetric & your eyes are not too close together - you're hot!

So what are the benefits of being gorgeous? 

Tests have shown that more attractive people get a better deal in the world then less attractive people. The beautiful ones are more likely to get served before anyone else waiting at a bar, a judge may be more lenient when handing out a sentence & people are generally nicer to good looking people. ‘They’ are not certain why but it’s something about the person’s face that makes us feel like being nicer to them!! Nicer???!! Not only are these people genetically more superior to me but my brain feels empathy for them?? Lordy, some people really do get everything! So, I guess that 'yes' looks do matter!

Have you ever wondered how gorgeous you really are? Try the golden ratio test.

All you need is a picture of yourself preferably direct face to camera. Unfortunately I didn't have one so I had to use a kind of sidish pic. Upload your picture & follow the instructions on the screen,  hit enter & your 'number' should pop up. Apparently its hard to get a score of 10 & to fit perfectly into the golden ratio with the average score being 4-6.

My score was 8.83% out of 10. 

Whilst this is flattering I’m not certain if I believe the tool as surely you can have a symmetrical face but not be classed as beautiful in the 'real' world because the app can’t really see you?

 But hey, I’m nearly perfect so I guess I should be talking it up! 

 Try it out & leave a comment but remember it’s just for fun!!!

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