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Ever since I was a young 'un & saw Samantha Stephens wiggle her nose at ‘Derwood’ to cast a spell in Bewitched I was hooked.

I wanted to be a witch.

Okay, so maybe wanting to be a witch is exaggerating but I just loved the idea of wiggling my nose to 'fix' something or finding a solution to a problem in a old ancient book of shadows. The idea was just bewitching to me.

Nicole Kidman & Sandra Bullock, Practical Magic
Practical Magic - one of my fav films!!
My likey of all things witchy has carried on throughout my life. In my teen years I adored  Sabrina the Teenage Witch,  Charmed, Buffy & The Craft & two of my favourite films are still The Witches of Eastwick & Practical Magic. 

Cher, Susan Sarando & Michelle Pfeiffer, The Witches of Eastwick
 Witches of Eastwick the hottest witches ever!
So am I the only one who loves witches? 

No!!  Witches are a big hit with the masses with shows like Secret Circle, Once Upon a Time & Switch appearing on our screens all featuring witches as main characters.  The popularity of witches & witchcraft has spilt over into 'real life' with more & more books on spells, incense & anointing oils being sold. These products have been flying of the shelves & you only have to look at the witchcraft section on Amazon to see how 'mainstream' witchcraft has become. But the real increase in popularity for witchcraft has been the surge in sales for candles for Candle Magic.

What's candle magic you say? Step up for a mini masterclass.

Candle Magic, Birthday Cupcakes
Mhmm cake!

Candle magic has been around forever & in its simplest form it can be seen as making a wish & blowing out a candle on a birthday cake. 

Now candle magic or in fact any magic that I’m interested in is not in raising the dead, putting a hex on someone or making someone’s weave fall out. We are talking about pure white magic here – no horn of goat or paw of cat here! So anyone looking for a 'how to' on how to raise the dead should keep it moving.

The art of performing candle magic is in fact very simple & that's one of the reasons it has grown in such popularity. Essentially candle magic is done by paying attention to the phases of the moon, selecting a candle in the correct colour, anointing it with your chosen oil & saying  a spell. That's it!! 

The perfect time to perform candle magic is done by paying attention to the moon phases by using a lunar calender. The basic moon phases are; the new moon is for new beginnings, the full moon is when the moon is at its strongest,  so spells that need a little bit of extra oomph should be done at this time.  A waning moon is the time to be do spells to make something ‘go away’ & if you want to draw something to you then choose a waxing moon.

Full moon, Candle Magic
Full moon 
Choosing the right spell is key but the right spell should 'speak' to you. You can either buy a spell book, source a spell online or write your own. No matter how you obtain a spell be positive when casting it & be clear what you are asking for.

So you have a spell & the moon phase is right... what else do you need for candle magic? Why candles of course!

You can of course get candles anywhere but the best kind to get are natural beeswax candles. I prefer these mini candles as they burn in about 45 minutes. You can order something similar from eBay which contains all the different coloured candles in one handy box for about a tenner.

Beeswax Candles for Candle Magic
28 Coloured Beeswax Candles from eBay
Here's a basic list of some colours used in Candle Magic, the oils you can use & some of the  days to do the spells. The list is not comprehensive & you might find other books say conflicting things, I say go with what feels right. If the 'right' intention is there it should work out fine.

Lilac - Inner Healing. Chamomile. (Sunday)
White - Protection & can be substitued for any other colours use corresponding oil  (Monday)
Red - Energy, Strength & Passion. Jasmine. (Tuesday)
Yellow - Creativity. Jasmine. (Wednesday)
Green -  Luck, Money & Fertility. Basil.  (Thursday)
Pink - Love & Romance. Rose Essential Oil  (Friday)
Black - Removal of Negative energy. Lemon (Saturday)

For more information on candle magic, lunar phases, candles & oils check out these additional websites for some fascinating & fun reading.

Have you tried candle magic?

Did you get something you asked for or do you think this is all hooey?! 

Leave a comment & let me know.

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