All About Beauty Box Review


All About Beauty Box

Do you subscribe to a monthly beauty box?

If not you should try All About Beauty.

There are tons of beauty boxes out there but have you seen one that offers you full sized bottles? Well I haven't & I was delighted to dive straight into a beauty box that I received from All About Beauty. The idea behind beauty boxes is that each month you receive a box full of samples so you can try new products but All About Beauty sends you FULL size items to try.

Full size??!! 

Yeah, you heard me!!

All About Beauty features skin & body care & products that are well known in their respective countries but the word may not have reached your country yet. So not only will you get full bottles of products but you get true one-up-man-ship in front your mates! The box is £15.00 per month (£2.95 P&P).

Okay, so this months box featured products from Italy 'Kipos' & 'Dr Lauranne'. Kipos is a great brand for those of you with sensitive skin or just particular about what you put on your face. Kipos is dermatologically tested with no nasty parabens & fragrance free & Dr Lauranne's products are also dermatologically tested & have not been tested on animals.

Dr Laurannne Night Cream, All About Beauty Box

The box contained 5 products: Kipos Cleansing Milk (£13), Toner (£10), 24h Anti Wrinkle Cream (£14) & Dr Lauranne's Night Cream (£32) & a little gift a oil burner.That's right folks this months beauty box contains just under £70 worth of products for £15!  Bragging rights indeed!!

Kipos Toner & Cleansing Milk, All About Beauty Box

I've been using the products for the last two weeks & they are fantastic. I used the cleansing milk as a make-up remover & then instead of using the toner as I would do normally I've been using it as a face mask. Dipping some cotton gauze in the toner & then laying the gauze over my face. Topped of with the the  wrinkle cream & then before beddie byes I used the Dr Lauranne night cream. Bellisimo!

My face feels as smooth as a baby's bottom & now I know the secret of why so many Italian ladies have such fantastic skin! Even though I've only been using the products for two weeks I love that I will be able to use this product for probably another 2-3 weeks as the products are full sized & not piddly sample sized. Now the fact they're delivered direct to my door is a Brucey bonus!

If your looking for a beauty box to subscribe to then you won't go far with All About Beauty.

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