How To Wear Red Lipstick


Red Lipstick, Dita Von Teese

A few weekends ago I bought a red lipstick by MUA. 

Now I'm not normally a red lipstick wearing kind of gal but on the day I bought it I felt HOT!!

Red lipstick is the ultimate sexy lipstick. Whenever I want to get my inner vamp on I reach for the red lipstick & a sex kitten is born.

I don’t know what it is about red lipstick …..but it just screams I’m gonna do something really, really bad!

Naughty red lipstick
Very, very bad things...
Red lipstick has always been a popular color but knowing which red lipstick to wear has always been a little tricky as the tones of the lipstick has to work with your skin tone not against it or you'll end up looking a hot mess. 

So how do you choose the right shade of red lipstick? 

Red lipstick is normally either orange or blue based. Now it doesn't matter what shade of skin you are from lily white to espresso coffee your skin tone will either be cool or warm toned. To work out if your warm or cool skin toned you can check your veins - if they appear blue then your cool toned if they look more Hulk like -green then your warm toned.

Knowing what skin tone you are will help you with the quest to find the perfect red lippy but in all fairness its really trial & error!!

Gwen Stefani red lipstick
Gwen Stefani no hollaback girl

My top colours for uber pale lovelies then look for a blue base lipstick should try MAC's Red, Ruby Woo & NYX Snow White or Rimmel Kate Collection #1.

Kim Kardashian, glamorous red lipstick
Kim Kardashian goes glam

My top colours for olive skin gals - ANYTHING!! Yep that's right girls your bang in the middle of fabulousness and every single lipstick shade should work for you. Try MAC Viva Glam I, L'oreal Burning Rose #286 & Maybelline Pleasure  Me Red #547.

Naomi Campbell, red lipstick
Naomi works the red lip 

For dark skinned lovelies I say avoid lipsticks that are too orange based as you can end up looking too 'jarring' against your skin tone but this does depend on whether you are cool or warm toned. I love a deep ruby red on myself & I would class myself as warm toned  My top pics are MAC Ruby Woo, Dubbonet & MUA #1.

But ladies remember this is just my opinion if you love to rock a red lipstick no matter if its orange or blue based then..... girl, do your thing!

Do you like to rock a red lip or do you like your lips a little vanilla?

Leave me a comment & let me know!

Images (c) Dita Von Teese & other images used under CC

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  1. Hi

    Nice post. I never know how to choose red lipstick but thanks to this post I might buy one. Thanks

  2. Glad you liked the post & hopefully you can now find the most fabulous lipstick & looking gorgeous!


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