Movember 2012 campain

Yes folks its the time of year again when our men get to grow a face of fuzz to help raise money for prostate & testicular cancer.

It's Movember!

For those of you not in the know let me explain what Movember is.

Movember is a charity that was set up in Australia in 2003 dedicated to raising money for men's health issues. The aim of the game is to have a bit of fun growing a ridonkulous moustache for charity in the month of November hence the name Movember. 

Starting today Mo Bro's (guys) & Mo Sista's (gals) promise to not shave their 'taches for the month & get their mates/family/boss to sponsor them for their efforts. At the end of November they can have a little Mo party, drink some beer & crown the winner of the best 'tache!

Moveber  might have started as as small little charity in Australia but now its a worldwide phenomenon! Movember  has inspired 1.9 million people to take part & last year the event raised £79.3 million. Strewth!!! Fair dinkum Kylie!

Tom Selleck,  Magnum PI,  Movember!
Tom Selleck - its all about Movember
Daniel Craig, Movember
Daniel Craig sports a 'tache
Movember is a really great fun cause & I urge everyone to get involved even the ladies & if you've just recently shaved then why not buy some merchandise or donate some cash instead to show your support?

Wanna get yer 'mo on?

Now there are a couple of rules & they are:
  • No shaving after 1st November.
  • You must look after your 'tache to make it look sexy & hot!
  • The 'tache must be acting alone! NO goatee's or beard's!


Right!! Put down that shaving foam & Nair & head over to Movember's website to register.

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  1. I've started Movember this year anyone who feels like getting involved, you can happily sponsor me at



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