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Gossard Superboost Underwear Set

Christmas is coming!!! 

And the best thing about Christmas apart from eating every 'purple one' in a tin of Quality Streets before you hand them out is gifts!!

So,  if you’re looking for gifts this season you can’t go wrong with some cute little underwear sets from Simply Beach.

Simply Beach is a treasure trove of the best undies, swimwear & sleepwear on the 'net with over 100 brands including Gossard, Melissa Obadash, Freya & Calvin Klein. In other words Simply Beach is simply the best site to "direct" him to!!

Seafolly Holly Bikini Top £46
Searching for goodies can easily be done by choosing either the color, item type, brand, size or budget. So even though there are tons of goodies to choose from it takes just minutes to fill the online basket!!!!

Now, because the site is so easy to use its totally 'man friendly' & even features a handy wish list option, so I can add things to my list whilst casually leaving my computer on in full view.......

"What?! For me??! How did you guess what I wanted?!"

These are a few of the items that I hope will land under my tree on Christmas morning....

Simply Beach, Gossard Floral Explosion Plunge Underwear Set
Gossard Floral Explosion Bra £34 Suspender £24

Simply Beach, Gossard Retrolution Bra & Cincher
Gossard Retrolution Bra £42 & Cincher £40

Simply Beach, Waxx Nikita Boxer Shorts
Waxx Nikita Boxer Shorts £25.00

Simply Beach is not just about the ladies & the boys can also get some love this Christmas with Calvin Klein, Bjorn Borg & the uber funky Waxx range.

Simly Beach, Calvin Klein Bold Boxer Short Short
Calvin Klein Bold Boxer Shorts £18.50

I just love these Calvin Klein Bold boxers..... 

Now if only we can get Mark Wharlberg to return to modelling!! 

With pants this gorgeous your man has no excuses for graying pants & you have no excuses for not trying to get into them!

As well as featuring underwear the site also stocks beachwear but as its near freezing in the UK at the moment I can only dream of the summer or some winter sun.

Marbs anyone?

Simply Beach, Banana Moon Crawl Luana Bikini
Banana Moon Crawl Luana Bikini £81.50

Maybe if I can squeeze myself into this little number someone might sort out the plane tickets?

Simply Beach, Gossard Superboost Underwear Set
Gossard Superboost Bra £29, Lace Thong £12 & Suspender £18 

Check out Simply Beach for all your undies & swimwear needs. Delivery starts at  just £2.99 for delivery in the UK. 

Images (c) Simply Beach. This post was sponsored by Simply Beach.

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  1. Love the intimate pieces !! new follower

  2. They are great! I order the vintage Gossard Retrolution set & it is stunning. If only I had a Don Draper to wear it for!


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