Bleach Bath For Hair Extensions & Lace Wigs


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Got some human hair extensions, weaves a lace wig or a lace closure that's looking a little … meh?

Revive them with a bleach bath!!

I've always bought human hair extensions but after a while no matter how well I've looked after them they can go a little....busted. In the past I've either chucked them away if they've been really bad or revived them by using a good clarifying shampoo & a deep condition. But recently I took the plunge & did a bleach bath on some of my old hair extensions that I was reluctant to say goodbye to.

Doing a bleach bath on hair extensions or lace wigs is not a new thing. Hair professionals have been doing this for years but its not a method to be taken lightly as you could damage your extensions if you don't do it properly. I would suggest if you’re at all worried about doing this on your human hair extensions then either do a test piece or just buy new hair.

The steps itself are relatively easy..... almost a bit too easy. When you’re doing it, it feels wrong as its sooooo easy but the results themselves are amazing.

Unfortunately I did not take pictures of before & after the hair extensions used are for demo purposes only.

You will need:

Old Towel
Hot Water
Human Hair Extensions - only!!
Open window!!!

Ammonia, Bleach, Tresemme Shampoo & Conditioner, Bleach Bath Ingredients
Bleach Bath Ingredients 
Bleach Bath

4.5 litres of Hot water
2 fl oz Clorox (Domestos)

Shampoo/Conditioner Dip

Hot Water
Favourite Conditioner (Tresemme/Dove)
Favourite Shampoo (Herbal Essence Hello Hydration etc)

Ammonia Dip

25 fl oz Hot Water
2fl oz Ammonia


Comb out all tangles or knots from hair extensions/lace wig unit BEFOREHAND. If using clip on hair extensions then tie hair in bundles with a hair band.

Boil kettle or use hot, hot water from the tap. Add water to the sink & add the bleach (give it a good stir).   Pour water into the bowl and squeeze shampoo & conditioner into water & stir to blend.

Open the window!!

Ready??!!! Let’s go!

Hair in bleach bath water, Bleach Bath
Hair in bleach bath
Step 1

Dip hair in bleach bath water until fully submerged.

Comb through hair if you can in a downwards motion away from your face & leave hair in bleach bath a maximum of 3 minutes in total.

Conditioner & Shampoo in Basin for Bleach Bath
Conditioner & shampoo mix 
Step 2

Take hair out of bleach bath, gently blot out excess liquid & immerse in the shampoo & conditioner water & comb gently.

Leave hair in water whilst you set up Step 3.

Ammonia, Bleach Bath
Step 3

Empty & rinse out sink.

Measure hot water into sink add Ammonia to water & gently stir.

Take hair out of shampoo & conditioner mix, blot excess liquid & dip in & out of the ammonia water mix – combing through the weft in a downward motion for a max of 2 minutes.

Squeeze out excess water gently & blot the hair.

Place wefts/wig back into shampoo/conditioner mix.

Empty & rinse out sink.

Deep Condition

Take wefts/wig out of shampoo conditioner mix, squeeze off excess water and then lather in a nice thick creamy conditioner. Place wefts in a freezer bag/carrier bag & nuke in microwave for 30 seconds.


Brazilian Kinky Curly Hair
Brazilian Kinky Curly Hair
Leave the extensions to cool down & then thoroughly rinse the wefts to remove conditioner. If your rinsing out a lace wig/closure make sure that you give the lace a good rinse.

Blot extensions & air dry.

Oooh la la fabulous new looking hair extensions!! Yaaaay!

Still not certain how it works? Here's a YouTube demo!!

****Huge disclaimer!! Please don't do this method if your worried about your hair extensions getting ruined. Pretty Luscious Things accept no liability if things do not go to plan.... But when they are fabulous you know who to credit right??!****

Image (c) Radaronline

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  1. That's really interesting!

    *Love, Raluca*

    *New post*

    *Facebook page*

  2. This is a really helpful post! And will definitely come in handy!
    Sofia x

  3. Really interesting post, I just might try it.haha.
    Could possibly save me a lot of money. Lovely post x

  4. Thanks for this post Amanda. I just got new hair extensions as a competition prize yesterday and they're 100% Remy human hair so I can try this out when they get a bit scraggy looking. Have you ever dyed your hair extensions? The ones I received are lighter than my hair colour now. xo

  5. Oh my God, I never thought you could do this, but then why wouldnt you (doh!) you can bleach normal hair!! I dont use extensions but I am going to share this with my friends who do and see if they do this already or not. Your steps are really clear and good!
    Great post! xx

  6. Thanks Sophia & Raluca,

    Glad you found it handy.

  7. Yes, Nokhuthula if you wear human hair extensions you can save yourself a ton of money. If there just scraggly in the back of the cupboard doing nothing then definitely give a bleach bath a go :)

  8. Hi Fiona

    Yes, I have dyed remi hair extensions before all you need to do is buy a box colour and keep a eye on the amount of time it takes for the colour to develop. Sometimes the colour can come out darker because of previous treatments to the hair so keep a close eye on the hair whilst its dyeing.

  9. I haven't heard of doing this, although it sounds very interesting. I've worn hair extensions for about 9 years now and it is nice to know I can save them rather than bin them!
    Definatley following!!
    Lots of Love
    Aimie xxx

  10. Thanks Aimie, I swung by your blog. Its super cute, I had to remind myself to get back to blogging!! Glad you found the post helpful. Its well worth the little bit of effort to keep them longer.

  11. Hi HHE,

    Only do this when they start to play up! Or if you think they will start to tangle!


  12. Hello, does this work on chemically dyed hair extensions? And what if you skip the ammonia part? Thank you!

  13. Hi, Sorry for the late reply this accidentally went to my spam box. I would recommend only testing one piece first to make sure that the hair did not get destroyed and do not skip the ammonia part. I ordered mine off Amazon for under a £5 and you can pick it up from stores like B & Q etc.

  14. Hair extensions are fast becoming one of the most popular ways of changing your look and it is most important to know how to care it. I read your post twice and i think it has great tips for that.Thanks for it.
    Human hair extensions

  15. Hi there :) I am from south Africa and am looking to do this method on a wig of mine (body wave). It keeps tangling and matting. We do not have Clorox bleach in South Africa and was wondering if you know whether Jik would be a good alternative as it seems to be the equivalent to Clorox? I noticed that you listed Domestos though, but that is a thick bleach so how would I go about diluting that as Clorox seems more watered down (like the Jik)? I hope I am making sense lol. Please respond soon, I'd like to proceed with the BB this weekend. Thank you! xx :)

  16. Hi there :) I am from South Africa and am looking to try this BB method on my body wave wig, as it keeps matting and tangling. We do not carry Clorox in South Africa. Would you recommend I try Jik bleach as an equivalent to Clorox? Clorox appears to be a watery bleach but I see you have listed Domestos (which we do carry) but this is a thick bleach so I am a little confused as to how I would "dilute" this? I hope this is making sense lol and look forward to receiving your response soooon (as I'd like to proceed with the BB this weekend). Thank you xx :)


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