James Bond 007 Gold Limited Edition


James Bond 007 Gold Edition, James Bond

I love James Bond!

But if I can't get that gorgeous Daniel Craig to serve me a cocktail shaken not stirred, the next best thing is to get the man in my life the James Bond 007 aftershave. 

The James Bond 007 aftershave is the perfect gift for him this Christmas.  

James Bond Gold Limited Edition, James Bond
James Bond Gold Limited Edition
Not only does the aftershave smell gorgeous & masculine - I love it when men smell like men!! But its also comes in a limited edition deluxe gold bottle to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the simply the world's hottest spy.

Daniel Craig, Casino Royale
Daniel Craig, Casino Royale
For 50 years James Bond has been shaken & not stirred, bedded a host of beauties and saved this country more times than he's had Aston Martins. 

So why its taken this long for him to get his own aftershave its a mystery!

The original fragrance was launched earlier this year with a cool blue bottle (still available). But to tie in with the 50 year anniversary the aftershave has turned gold which evokes memories of the iconic features we remember from Bond films; glamour, glitz & a gold covered Shirley Eaton in Goldfinger (1959).

Shirley Eaton, Goldfinger, James Bond
Shirley Eaton, Goldfinger
The gold bottle just screams collectors item & as I'm a big fan of more is more - I just love it!

So if you're looking for just one more present for the man or men in your life this Christmas then grab a bottle of 007 & just pray that he looks as good as Mr Craig in those shorts!

James Bond 007 Gold Limited Edition 50ml £25

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  1. Daniel Craig is so hot!

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  2. Hi Raluca

    Daniel Craig is my No.1 hottie!

    I'm gonna come by and check your blog out soon.

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