Let's Go Round Again


Lauren Pope & Kirk Norcross

On Monday night I was watching The Only Way Is Essex.

Yeah, I love it & so what?!

Well the thing is something happened on the show that has got me thinking. Kirk Norcross & the lovely Lauren Pope had a little bit of action.

So what's so interesting about this you might say?

Well Lauren & Kirk had a acrimonious split about a year ago & have struggled to even get on let alone anything else. Now I always thought they were a nice couple & even when things were acrimonious there was a little 'frisson' in the air.

But what got me really thinking was this would be their 3rd time around if they go for it. That's right. They have been out 2 times already. Now, I love - love so I ain't hatin on them & to be honest it just made me think... 

Man that's some GOOD sexual chemistry! 

Now, I have a post that I wrote a while ago but have not posted (I will do soon) about sexual chemistry. But I was just amazed that after all the things that L & K been through (no idea what these things are but they did split up), they managed to repair things not once but twice & now they might repair it again. 

Third time lucky?!

I'm amazed because once I'm done with a guy. I'm done. They immediately go on the 'friend' pile & maybe if their lucky the enemy pile. 

I don't like repeats in my love life because whatever foolishness went on before - you can bet your sweet patootie that its gonna happen again. Believe you me I speak from experience & bitterness (lol) that second time around is really just a waste of time.

But what if like Lauren & Kirk or dare I say it Carrie & Big the sexual attraction is just too strong?

Carrie & Big, Elevator Scene
Carrie & Mr Big Oh My! Sexual Chemistry gone wild! 
Do you go round again & again until you get it right?

Or do you believe that second time round is just a waste of time?

Leave a comment below & let me know what you think!

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  1. I think it can work out if both people have changed otherwise it will be the same as before.

    Nice blog, new email subbie :)

  2. Thank you for subscribing!

    I agree, it takes a lot to make a 2nd time around relationship work. I think it can work as long as no-one was stepping out on the other. If one was, I don't think you can get past it. Once the trust is gone, you got nothing apart from suspicion & someone tracking the other one's moves 24-7!


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