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My friend has a wardrobe full of shoes, (bear with me), which she sells on eBay to convince herself she’s having a clear-out and then she buys more from a charity shop. They are also under her bed. Ditto, her bags. It is a truly colossal collection and yet so many of them are the same size and colour.

So why isn't a handful of different bags sufficient?

And why do some look so similar?

Thanks to her I recently gained an insight into the mystifying rationale behind this.

Her wardrobe recently gave up on life and collapsed on to her bed while she was in the bath. Shoes and bags and numerous clothes rode the landslide on to her duvet,crushing the pillow where her head had been just moments before. I was alerted to this via a text peppered with very sad faces.

While I was out in town with her, one of her larger brown leather shoulder bag’s zips bust. We managed to find another in H&M for £15. She wanted an identical bag and this one was, (by her own admission), identical in every way – it was the same bag and it was even bought from the same shop! Awesome! Let’s go to the pub now! But it still wasn't right, she said and she wasn't convinced she should buy it, even as her old, (identical), bag gaped open like the mouth of a dead, sea-dwelling dinosaur, its contents dangerously close to spilling out on to the floor or being stolen by a casual thief. And not a great thief either – a very small man wearing mittens and clogs would not have had to worry about stealth or dexterity in order to succeed.

I didn't understand why she was so hesitant and then she pointed to the zips and buckles on the new bag. I looked for imperfections, rips, tears. I could only stare at her like a dog being shown a card trick.“Not everything is the same colour”, she said helpfully. She was right – her old bag had silver zips and clasps while the revised version had gold. And this was a problem because....?

Brown Leather Bag with Zips
 Yes, I’d like that one but with different colour zips!
She then indicated the silver buckle on the belt at her waist and the silver zips on the black leather jacket she was currently wearing. I looked again at the old and new bags. One with silver zips one with gold. In that one moment I finally understood the attention to detail which has women clamoring for that perfect accessory. I looked at her with a mixture of pity and admiration at this attention to detail. I also felt stupid that I hadn't worked it out before.  I get it now.  

Us men think of bags as mechanical devices for storing anything we haven’t got enough pockets for.We see it as separate to anything we may be wearing. For our friends, girlfriends and wives they have to go beyond being useful and good-looking, they also have to have to some kind of inbuilt telepathic ability to match or complement whatever a woman may be thinking or wearing at a moment’s notice. Show me a hand bag designer and I’ll show you a god.

Sorry, guys. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few

Steve Gray, Pretty Luscious Things
Steve Gray gets
into the Christmas spirit... early
One Man's Revelation - Handbags was penned by guest writer Steve Gray. 

Steve is a lover of all things bag related & dressing up, but he is in no danger of becoming a cross dresser anytime soon.

Images (c) Liberty's

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  1. I think the reason people get shoes that look alike is cause when you really like or are comfortable in a pair of shoes you want another and another! :p Its really quite funny!
    Sofia x

  2. Ha! Ha! Sophia, Yes, I'm the same whether its shoes or handbags. Once I get the perfect bag or shoes I can't wait to get another one exactly the same.. again & again.

    Men will never get it!


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