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Bored of Facebook & Twitter?

Try the hottest new social media site - Pencourage.

Pencourage is the hottest new social media site where your 'real' identity is 100% hidden.


Yes, that's right folks the idea behind Pencourage is that its a sort of online diary where you post your thoughts and feelings without anyone knowing its you!

Pecourage, Anonymous Diaries, Social Networking
Pecourage, Anonymous Diaries
As well as having a diary feature you can also upload music, make polls, pin items & upload photo's.

Pecourage, Anonymous Social Networking
Bling your Pecourage page - pin music & pic's
As a blogger who loves social media Pencourage is fabulous as it gives me a opportunity to let  some random craziness out without worrying that I'm messing with my 'brand'.  You know sometimes you just really want to 'say' something but saying it on Twitter or Facebook could have repercussions??! 

I'm gonna have fun on Pencourage!!

Pecourage, Social Network
Pecourage, Anonymous Randomness
The site is still in its infancy stage but signing up was super easy to do & I've already started adding to my journal, soon to follow will be pics and more randomness!

Let the anonymity begin!! 

Try Pencourage today & let me know what you think!

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  1. sounds pretty cool!

  2. Hmm, this seems interesting. I like the thought of it being anonymous because like you mentioned, as a blogger sometimes we want to say things that aren't "appropriate" for our brand. Lol. I'd love to post funny photos, some music or jut vent without worrying about offending totally serious people...or my old school grandmother lol.

  3. Hi sammycx

    This is a fab site perfect for letting of a little steam!

  4. Hi Mina Slater

    I love the idea of your old school grandmother. I have been using Pencourage now for about a week and its a little odd because the 'worry' is still there that I might get found out but I must admit.... I'm loving the rant!


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