Sexual Attraction


Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt, Mr & Mrs Smith

You feel someone staring across the room.

You look up & your lock eyes with that person.

Suddenly your pulse is racing, your hands feel clammy & you feel the urge to lock lips with a total stranger.... 

What just happened?

Sexual attraction honey!

Sexual attraction is one of those things that hopefully happens to us every time we meet a new partner & sometimes for some naughty peeps when they're still in a relationship with someone else!

Glen Close & Michael Douglas Fatal Attraction
Bunny Boiler Alert!!
 Glenn & Michael mess with sexual attraction - fatally
But why does sexual attraction happen with some people & not others?

On the surface of it men & women are looking for similar traits when looking for a partner. An symmetrical face, a healthy body & somebody who looks like they can have kids or take care of us if we're not the maternal/paternal type.  

Of course there are a few different traits that the sexes look for in a partner. Men also look for a low hip to waist ratio & ample 'ta ta's'.

Traci Bingham
Traci Bingham works it
Whilst us ladies like men who are physically taller than us with a muscular body & a masculine face. 

Joe Manganiello, Alcide True Blood
Joe Manganiello, Alcide True Blood
But good looks & a hot bod are not enough to draw us in completely we also need a couple of other elements to turn us on. The sound of our soon-to-be beloved can be a instant turn off if our ears hate the sound of their voice. Similarly someone might not be our type but the sound of their voice can make us go weak at the knee's. 

Take Alan Rickman & Jeremy Irons as a example both attractive men if you like that kind of thing but those voices... Oh my!

Jeremy Irons & Alan Rickman, Sexy voices
Jeremy Irons & Alan Rickman  
Oooh what lovely oral skills these two have!
So we have a hot person with a hot body & a sexy voice... is this enough to get us hot under the collar? 

Noo!!! We need to find out how they smell. 

Smell?!! Yeah, you heard me. 

The way somebody smells is paramount to how sexually attractive we find them.  Everyone has there 'own' natural smell but certain hormones attract people to one another depending on which hormone - serotonin, testosterone, dopamine or estrogen is the most dominant. So if you met a person whose hormones are attracted to yours - FIREWORKS WILL EXPLODE!!

Sugar Daddy
Sugar Daddy & Sugar Baby
So what about hot young chicks with a rich old bald men, you might say?

Oh that's all about attraction.... to his wallet & her hotness.

Once one is gone the other one will leave. Ha! Ha! Ha!

There you have it. The combination of looks, voice & smell are the things that make up sexual attraction.

But remember sometimes these elements on their own without each other can still make you hot under the collar. 

So if a man makes you weak with his voice but he smells a little funky & he's not too easy on the eyes. Close your eyes, open your ears & direct him to the shower.

What do you think? 

Have you ever been attracted to someone you wouldn't normally cross the road for or do you have a 'type' that you stick to?

Leave me a comment & let me know!

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  1. Hah I loved reading this! I definitely have a type. My three boyfriends have been skinny as bean poles and taller than me, I don't like the muscle Mike types - I must be the only woman in the world not to! I liked my fiance for ages but I think it was his personality that drew me to him as we were work collegues and friends. Also he passes on the accent thing as he has the most adorable South African accent. My fiance always smells great to so that's another bonus! :)

    Fiona @

  2. Ha! Ha! Ha! I love this.

    I'm not really a fan of muscle Mike types either. I used to go out with a gym freak but luckily for me he didn't try to force me to go to the gym, but there was a lot of side eyeing when I was eating. LOL

    Your Fiance sounds adorable, I think personality can definitely influence how much we fancy each other.

    I love accents on a man & since you mentioned South African I can't stop imagining your boyfriend as Leonardo Di Caprio in Blood Diamond.

    Yum! Yum!

  3. This is an interesting post! I think my "type" is normally a dark haired guy that has to be taller than me, not hard since I am quite short! I love blue or green coloured eyes on a man with dark hair.
    Occasionally though I have met someone and just been drawn to them when they are have not been my "type" and I cant explain why....the attraction was just there! Why this happens is amazing and fascinating if you ask me!
    Great post :-)


  4. haha, this post made me chuckle. I am not into Muscly guys at all, most of them tend to be quite arrogant. I like average guys, simple and smart. My boyfriend is half white and half Filipino so he has a hint of accent on him, I love it.
    Great post x

  5. Hi Grace,

    Your 'type' sounds gorgeous! I want him to be my type!!

    I love guys with blue or green eyes... hubba hubba.

    I did have a type before... mainly broke liars & cheaters but I'm trying to break out of that habit!

    Hopefully like you I will be attracted to a different type & there will be magic!

  6. I have had physical sexual attraction with a few men over the years but never really acted on it, but i do agree on the smell, its pheromones, i can not be with someone if i am not attracted to the way they smell, everyone i have been with i may not have been attractive with how they look first glance but i definiteley was how they smell, there is something about it, fab post hunni xoxo

  7. nokhuthula nyoni

    Your boyfriend sounds gorgeous! I think I know what attracted you to him! :)


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