Stocking Fillers For Him...Under £20!!


Jake Gyllenhaal, Jarhead

You've got him a little present but you spent the rest of your budget on those shoes, a new dress & that fabulous new lipstick from MAC.

So what do you do?

Grab some of these stocking fillers & make it look like you've spent more money than you have!

Stocking Fillers For Men under £20
Moo Business Card Holder £15| St George by Duffer Tie £10 David Beckham T-Shirt £15| Jamie's 15 Minute Meals £10
Philips Grooming Kit £20| Calvin Klein 'Man' £20 Stockings £8| Mug £7 Fifty Shades of Gray Boxset! £10
Calvin Klein Boxers £19| Cufflinks £18
Stocking Fillers For Men by prettylusciousthings

If that fails wear this instead! 

Sexy Mrs Santa Claus outfit

Then the only 'gifts' he'll remember is yours!

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  1. Hi Erin

    Thanks for dropping by to see me, its great to have new people drop by & I've also been by your blog.

    Your very talented!

    I know exactly where to go for make-up tips and new looks. Fab blog!


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