Let's Get Physical!!


Sue Sylvester & Olivia Newton John, Let's Get Physical

January is the month that we all say that we're going to lose weight.

But sometimes the motivation is high but price of gyms can be off putting.

Going to the gym can be expensive, so I tend to work out at home. It's not ideal & I have to make do with what I have space ways but I can't afford to go broke paying gym memberships.

Jane Fonda Workout
Jane Fonda
But now a few selected places -Birmingham, Cardiff, Slough & Wood Green  have been blessed with 'easyGyms'.

easyGyms as you may have guessed are gyms created by Stelios Haji-ioannou the man who bought us easyJet the no frills airline.

The idea behind easyGym is that you don't pay for excess charges. The gyms are all still equiped with the latest gear and there are personal trainers on hand if that's your bag but your only paying for what you need.

There is currently NO joining fee but when it is applied it will be just £25 or a £5 if you cancel your membership entirely and then re-join.

A day membership is just a fiver (inc a class), a month of gym only is £15.99 and gym +classes is £28.99 but the best thing is NO rolling contract.

Man working out, Exercise
Awesome 'guns'
So if you suddenly see a fabulous pair of shoes that you must have & its a toss up between the shoes & the gym - you don't have to decide..... you can have both!!

I really like the idea of these gyms & hope that they roll out more f them but luckily for me Cardiff has one of these gyms that I should be trying in a few weeks. 

Would you got to a easyGym in your neighborhood or is it all a bit too no frills for you?

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