MUA Magnetic Nails Review


Mayfair, MUA Metallic Nail Polish

I've wanted to try magnetic nails forever.

So when I was casually rummaging my local MUA stand when I came across 2 gorgeous colours.

Shall I?

Oh go on then!

I bought Regent Street & Mayfair - both gorgeous colours but due to bad luck Regent Street had been tampered with in the store and spilled all over my bag. Grrrr!

Luckily for me Mayfair was still in tact so I discarded Regent Street in disgust & ran home to get magnetic!

The colour of Mayfair is a gorgeous bluey colour & like all MUA's nail polishes the polish goes on smooth & there is great coverage.

MUA Metallic Nail Polish, Mayfair
MUA metallic nails - fab effect with the magnet

MUA Metallic Nail Polish, Mayfair
MUA metallic nail polish, - sorry clean up still needed!!
I used 3 coats - just because I'm a idiot. After I applied the second coat to all my fingers I realized that I should have used the magnet on each finger before the paint starts to dry. 


This is what happens when your behind the times!!

Anyway,  here's some pics.

MUA Metallic Nail Polish, Mayfair
Gotta love those swirls!

MUA Metallic Nail Polish, Mayfair
I just love the way the colour goes light & dark. Fabulous!
Gorgeous color, great effect & fab price at only £3.50 

Just need to get myself Regent Street again!!

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  1. In slow to join in the magnetic nails party, I keep seeing them and thinking I will try but have not got round to it yet!

    I think these look lovely on you and its a nice shade.

    Great value too as MUA are so well priced! Great post xx

  2. Thanks, the seem to have a new deal where the polishes are only £2. Not certain if this is online only. but £2 or £3.50. I'm in!

  3. I've tried the ones from Flormar and they are amazing! And the price is like 3$ or so.

    *Love, Raluca*

    *New post*

    *Facebook page*

  4. Hi Raluca

    Are you trying to get me to buy more???! Oooh go on then!

  5. Ahh these are gorgeous, I so need to try it out. The shade is so pretty. Will definitely be looking into buying some haha :)xx

  6. I've not tried the metallic nails yet either as ive always been a bit dubious as to whether it would turn out how it should. These look brilliant though, I will definitely have to give it a try!

  7. Thanks Ashleigh,

    I can't stop staring at them! I never thought they were my cup of tea before but I'm glad I took a punt.

    I'm gonna check out your blog!!

  8. They are sooo cooll! Ive seen them done by other brands but they were more expensive so this is a bargain!
    I really want to try them out! :D
    Sofia x

  9. Hi Sofia, I just love MUA stuff & this nail polish is great value, I can't wait to get more!

  10. hi Happy newyear! great pics and i wish you the best.

    Dont forget to pass by my blog for my 1st GIVEAWAY

  11. Hi The Great Zegbe (I LOOVE that name!!)

    Happy new year to you to!

    I will drop by, I love goodies!!

  12. I've never seen MUA products for sale here in Ireland but that colour looks fab! I love the swirl effect too. I'm just getting into painting my nails but am completely useless at it and I can't stand when they chip! xo

  13. Oh Fi,

    You need to get some of this MUA, their products are amazing and so cheap. I can't believe you can't get it in Ireland. Its sold in Superdrug over here. Maybe you can email them and find out if they have a Irish stockist :)

  14. Little Miss Apathy

    Send me some pics on Twitter if you do them!

  15. Ive not tried the magnetic ones before, not sure whether its cos im a bit lazy, but this makes me really want to try them, they look brilliant!


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