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Replacing blunt razors has always been an expensive affair….

But Razorpit has fallen out of the sky to save us all some cash!

Razorpit is a fancy new product made for re-sharpening blades on razors. Apparently, the blades on modern razors don’t go blunt, it’s the accumulated ‘stuff’ that doesn’t get cleaned off as well as it should that stops the blade cutting properly.

The clever people over at Razorpit figured this out & youcan grab one from Amazon for about £13.
The block itself is a very slender, inconspicuous little slab that wouldn't look out of place next to your iPod. In fact, if I didn't know better I’d think it was a moulding for another iPhone. The synthetic, rubber-like strop has no smell and with only a handful of swipes of the blade you are good to go. How long you use it is up to you depending on how nasty your blade looks, but we’re talking seconds, 1 minute at the most, so a decent shave will not take significantly longer than before.

The uber stylish Razorpit

Steve Gray, Razorpit Review
One day's growth!

Being a hairy bloke I need to shave a lot so, if this product costs £13 but is gonna save me ££$$ in replacement blades for a while I couldn't wait to try it out. Luckily for me I had a couple of blades lying around so let the testing begin!

The Razorpit is simple to use; apply some foam to the block,‘shave’ the block with your razor and it should get a darn good clean and extend the usage of the blade.

Razorpit, Shaving Block
Steve show's us how to work up a lather on the Razorpit

I tried the Razorpit over the course of two weeks using two blades. Both had been used for the same length of time prior to the exercise but only one got the Razorpit treatment over the course of the two weeks.I was doubtful there would be much difference to be honest but I did notice a distinct bite from the blade cleaned using the block compared to the other blade which was still trying to hack uselessly at my flesh.

I continued to use the Razorpit for another week and was surprised that something so simple and inexpensive could produce the results I experienced.
Telly Savalas, Shaved head
Steve after using the Razorpit
Being able to re-use the razors twice or three times longer means that it doesn't feel quite so painful when I go to Boots these days in an effort to  prevent myself turning into Big Foot!

Razorpit review by Steve Gray 

Fancy trying the Razorpit for your man or for your lady bits? 

Enter the competition below. UK & Ireland entries only. The Razorpit can also be found on Amazon or on their website.

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