Revenge Season 2!!!


Revenge Season 2 Poster, Emily Thorne

They say revenge is a dish best served cold...

But if you're like Amanda Clarke/Emily Thorne or my friend Nicole, you'll find that revenge is a meal best served cold.

On Monday 7th January (UK) make dinner, kick him out, slip into a bandage dress & pour yourself a glass of fizz.

Why? Because the girl with the longest memory & the biggest bank account is back - Revenge Season 2!

Revenge cast season 2
Only gorgeous people seek revenge... twice!
For those of you not up to speed with Revenge the show is a classic tale of love, sex, betrayal & lots & lots of money. 

The story centers around Amanda Clarke a woman seeking vengeance against the people (namely the Grayson's) who ruined her father. The dodgy dealings of these people resulted in him going to prison, his death, her admittance into a juvenile detention centre & the demise of her cosy Hamptons life. Wooo, she's right to be a little bit bitter then!

After many years spent creating the alias of Emily Thorne, 'Amanda' is back in the Hamptons armed with a bucket load of money to annihilate them all; a bi-billionaire friend - Nolan & a frenemy Ashley who no-one knows whose side she's on!

Emily/Amanda, Nolan & Ashley, Revenge Season 2
Love all these outfits! Revenge Season 2
There are lots of twists and turns in the story line & Amanda/Emily has beef with practically everyone but her No.1 nemesis's are the Grayson's headed up by Victoria Grayson.

Madeline Stowe as Victoria Grayson, Revenge Season 2
If looks could kill! Victoria Grayson queen of revenge 
Victoria Grayson was instrumental in the demise of Amanda's dad & is the undisputed queen  bitch of the Hampton's & the only women who wears Herve Leger to breakfast!

Conrad & Victoria Grayson, Revenge
Oooh Herve! Victoria never leaves home without a skin tight frock!
Revenge is glamorous, super campy & lots & lots of fun. Sometimes the revenge comes so thick and fast it can make your head spin but at the end of each episode you can't wait for the next one!

If your tempted by this but missed season 1 there will be a hour catch before season 2 starts!!!

Revenge Season 2 starts on Monday at 9 pm 07.01.13 on E4 

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  1. I love revenge. Can't wait for it to start. I'll even watch the catch up just to see VG facial expressions :)

  2. oooh i have never actually watched this program i might have to see if i can watch season 1 somewhere and record this season, seems just up my street hun xo

  3. Oh Missy,You'd love it!! Its soooo fabulously bitchy!

  4. I'm actually watching the last episode of series 1 right now, I only started watching it a few days ago and next thing you know, I've watched the whole series! Lol. Love it! Can't wait for it to come on, on Monday :D x

  5. Glossaholic

    I don't think I've been so excited for a series to start.

    What's wrong with me that makes me love money & backstabbing so much?? LOL


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