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Viva Brazil Restaurant

As some of you know I've given up on Brad Pitt & I'm back dating again.

This can only mean one thing.... 

Lots of restaurant reviews coming up!!

Last week I went to Viva Brazil that hottest churrascaria restaurant in town.

Viva Brazil is a small chain of restaurants (Glasgow, Liverpool & Cardiff) that have brought the sunshine & good food of Brazil to the dreary streets of the UK.

Viva Brazil Cardiff Restaurant
Viva Brazil Cardiff Restaurant
The restaurant is a great idea for either going to hang out with friends or a date. They serve a massive 15 different cuts of meat which the staff carve at your table.  This makes a fantastic conversation piece alongside the salad area has lots of goodies to accompany the meat. 

This was my first time going to a churrascaria restaurant but the staff were really friendly & explained how it worked. When you want more meat you turn your little card over to 'green' and when you want them to stop serving you, you turn it over to 'red'.  Simplez.

Viva Brazil Cardiff Restaurant
Full up now!
The atmosphere was great in Viva Brazil - lots of chatter & people nicking food of each others plates & sharing cocktails. I couldn't stop getting the meat guys over - my date did look a little surprised that I could eat so much.  But man, that stuff was delicious especially the chicken hearts & the Brazilian pork sausage. Oh my!

There were lots of different types of people in the restaurant from young to old, groups, couples, birthday parties etc. So I would say this restaurant is really for everyone & they even had a band playing which added to the fantastic atmosphere.

Mojito Cocktails @ Viva Brazil Cardiff Restaurant
Mojito time!!!! 
As everyone knows I am a massive lover of cocktails & I had several Bacardi Mojito's which were stunning....*hic*. So stunning I hardly took any pictures (plus my date didn't know I was a blogger - so I couldn't take much pics).

Viva Brazil has a set price for the meat dinner rodizio of £24 so this is no nasty all-you-can-eat'chain'.  Dinner was leisurely & I never felt any pressure to 'get off' the table because they wanted to turn the table. The price of the dinner was not expensive,  I estimate it must have been around £80 inc drinks (ask the date if you wanna know the cost). I was full & drunk. Awesome.

Some people may think £80 is expensive but for me keeping the price not cheap & cheerful means the quality of the food stays high & you won't end up sitting next to undesirables. Plus don't forget I had a lot of cocktails. The meal itself was only £48 for two.

For those people who fancy popping in for lunch or saving money Viva Brazil do a great deal for £13.95 for the lunch rodizio (before 5 pm). This is a fantastic way to give a new style of restaurant a go if the dinner rodzio is more than you want to pay.

Viva Brazil is a great restaurant & I would definitely recommend it - I'm going with the girlies next. 

The only question is.... Do they have enough rum in???!

Logo image (c) Viva Brazil.

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  1. Hello there,

    I've not been to the one in Cardiff but I have been to the one in Glasgow & it was good. I ate loads and felt stuffed. I went with my friends and every time we thought we were finished we ordered more. Great idea for a restaurant & plenty of food for us girls who don't live on a diet!

  2. Oohh it looks lovely! :D I wish there was a place near where I live! It looks lovely :)
    Sofia x

  3. Hi Sofia, Great restaurant chain, hope they roll out more without losing the quality.

  4. I've been to the one here in Cardiff, its great! Their food taste lovely and the atmosphere is quite is just bliss.
    Lovely review:)x


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