White Armageddon


Snow couple, snowmen & snow women

If you didn't already know, there’s been a bit of snow in Britain. 

Not enough to maroon whole communities like a tsunami or force evacuations like a nuclear meltdown but enough for the media to barely suppress the urge to shout: “Everyone panic! It’s White Armageddon!”

Snow written on snow covered car, Funny pictures of snow
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
It’s only snow, (and not even much snow by any other country’s standards), but that doesn't stop the UK’s risk averse transport system from grinding to a halt. 

But why moan? 

Why let it stop us getting about, especially if that long journey from Cardiff to Brighton to see mates is at risk of being scuppered? As long as you’re prepared it doesn't matter what they throw at you.

1. Plan your journey. With all the amendments and disruptions you will find it easier and less stressful if you can prepare the best route. Don’t change at a station where trains appear to have been fossilized. Better to get to a fully functioning main terminus 10 miles further away than hop off slightly closer where nothing can save you. If you’re going into London and plan on using the tube make sure your route is running a good service.

2. Get Technical. If you have a smartphone get a travel app. Network Rail Inquiries have a superb app which will give you real-time information on where your delayed train is so you can amaze your fellow passengers by looking unfazed and cool while they are still peering up at lifeless information boards.

3. Warm clothes/shoes. Unsurprisingly the guy I saw in the t-shirt on Platform 1 at Cardiff Central was shivering. It’s all about layers.

Tilda Swinton, White Witch, The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe
The White Witch rocks a fur number to keep warm
4. Lip balm. Snow being blasted into your face has the tendency to dry your skin and the lips will get red. If you want to chew feverishly at your lip until you look like you drink Ribena from a child’s beaker, ignore me. Or wrap a scarf around your face instead.

5. Keep hydrated and store energy. Pack some water and some snacks. Travelling long  distance on public transport is energy sapping at the best of times

6. Make sure your phone is fully charged. You’ll need it to make calls to waiting friends or family or for any other essential business to get you there in once piece. If you have to use the 3G to surf the net in order to plan your journey make sure you turn it off when you’re not using it. That 3G is one battery hungry mother.

By Steve Gray

Steve Gray, Pretty Luscious Things
Steve is freelance journalist, lover of snow, the V&A museum & Network Rail.

Snow Image (c) This is Devon

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