Arran Aromatics Review


I just love gorgeous smellies and nothing is more gorgeous than Arran Aromatics!

Arran Aromatics is a fabulous retailer who not only have several stores in Scotland but they are also online! The site is simply a treasure trove of the best luxury body and bath care products made on island of Arran.

I was lucky to receive one of their top selling products to review for the blog: Lavender & Black Pepper Mineral Muscle Soak.

The mineral soak comes in one of gorgeous kiln style jars and the first thing I noticed after the cute little label was the fragrance of the soak wafting up & I hadn't even opened up the jar yet!

Popping the lid I was simply stunned by the fragrance of the lavender. I have never smelt a bath product so rich and fragrant it's easy to see why top hotels Malmaison & Hotel Du Vin have had their in-house products designed by Arran Aromatics for their guests.

The lavender & black pepper mineral muscle soak (£9) is a mix of well lavender, black pepper & sea salt and boy is it a mix! The sea salt grains are nice, large and coarse that blend well with the kernels of lavender & black pepper.

Following the instructions on the jar I scooped out some product (approximately 2 tablespoons) and popped them  under some warm running water.

The smell was even more gorgeous when the hot water hit it and as I was feeling luxurious I had to get out the fizz out!

I sat back in my roll top bath, fizz in hand with Sade on in the background and had simply the most relaxing bath ever!

Head over to Arran Aromatics for the best luxury bath products for men & women. Check out their amazing St Valentine's Day offers!

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