Happy Jump Off Day!


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Whilst all you lovers out there have St Valentine's Day to celebrate your love for each other have you ever thought about the poor side pieces and jump off's who have to spend the evening alone?

Well fret no more they have their very own day - February 13!

I'd like to think the readers of my blog are a little wise to the world but some of you might not be so let me just explain what a side piece or jump off is..... She's the woman going out with a man whose already in a relationship. 

Cheating man, Lipstick on his collar
That ain't my shade!
Now because she's the 'other' women technically she can't spend St Valentine's day with her 'boyfriend' as he is with his 'real' girlfriend or wife but luckily for her she has February 13! 

This is her one night of the year when apart from getting all that fabulous new lingerie, meals out, holidays and shopping treat's from her 'boyfriend' she also gets some romantic love.

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Champagne & bed hair - fabulous!
Cheating men do not ignore this date as she will be waiting & expect even more gifts and lies on this date than normal!! Get to Agent Provocateur,  Charbonnel et Walker & flowers from McQueen's. Get her the best of the best - no high street rubbish for her!
Charbonnel et Walker Pink Marc De Champagne Truffles £18
So for all my mistresses/side pieces/jump offs or wanna be jump-offs here are a few basic rules to remember:

1. He's not going to leave his girlfriend/wife 
2. Don't fall in love
3. He's a liar
4. Always be gorgeous, relaxed & up for a good time - he can get no make-up, argumentative and no nookie at home!

Happy Jump Off day!

*This article was written for my own pure amusement with my tongue firmly in my cheek. It has also gone up early so cheating men don't forget!

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