Aldo Shoes Review


Aldo Shoes

I love shoes.

So when I saw a Aldo store when I was in London a few weeks ago I just couldn't stop myself.

After all if you bring 4 pairs of shoes for a weekend away surely you need another pair??!!

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

I eagerly entered the shop and my mind went into sensory overload.... so..much... shoes!

The shop was bustling as not only was it a Saturday on Kensington High Street but they also had a sale on.

My eye was immediately drawn to a gorgeous pair of sparkly gold shoes and my heart sank as I saw they were a size 5.

I lay hysterically sobbing over the shoe in the corner when the shop assistant either feared for my sanity or the safety of the other customer's asked me if she could help. I told her the shoes were a size 5 but I needed a size 7.

The sales assistant gently pried the shoes from my hands & checked her magical computer and voila a pair of 7's were available! Before she could even offer them to me try both of them on, I had paid & I was back at the hotel ready to do what I do best in heels!

They were gorgeous, sparkly and oh-so comfortable. There are no Aldo shops in Cardiff but thank the lord for online shopping as this is now my new go-to shoe place!

So, what do you think?  

Lazcano Gold Shoes by Aldo
Lazcano was £70 down to £38

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  1. They are totally gorgeous, love the sparkly colour. Wish I could wear heals like that. x


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