Holiday Time with Latedeals!!


W Hotel, Barcelona

There is nothing after the hustle and bustle of Christmas and the let down of St V day to get me day dreaming about my summer holiday.

It's time for a holiday.

But now I can stop day dreaming & start planning as those lovely people at latedeals have a competition to win a £500 voucher towards a holiday!

So how would I spend the voucher if I was lucky enough to win?

I'm all about the short breaks. 

Don't get me wrong I love a week holiday but nothing floats my boat more than a quickie to recharge my batteries. Passport, tiny suitcase, tiny outfits, finishing work on a Thursday & jetting off to a hip city for 3 nights with either the girlies or the 'latest'.

Barcelona is my absolute favorite place in the world & I can't wait to go back there. Enjoy authentic tapas, see the Gaudi works, walk along the The Rambla's and drink enough Sangria & Cava to flamenco with the best of them.

Joaquin Cortes, Spainish flamenco dancer
Joaquin Cortes - another reason to go to Spain
For me there is nothing I can't do when visiting a country for a weekend break. Sight seeing, topping up the tan, hitting the shops for "souvenirs" i.e. shops & handbags (lol) and then spending the nights doing my thang on the dance floor. 

 Shoko Lounge, Barcelona
Where the elite meet - Shoko Lounge, Barcelona
Barcelona would be my number 1 destination to go to if I won this competition but then again I've always fancied a roman holiday. 

I could just see myself zipping about Roma on a Vespa - capri pants, white shirt, a Gregory Peck lookie likie & tons & tons of Prosecco.

Audrey Hepburn & Gregory Peck, Roman Holiday
 Audrey Hepburn & Gregory Peck - Roman Holiday

This prize is sooooooooooo mine, but if you fancy a go at winning - entry is simple. 

Simply watch the video below and identify which fabulous cocktail the person has ordered.

Got yer answer?

Simply enter & a £500 voucher could be winging its way to you soon.

Where would you go if you won this great prize?

*Competition closes 28/03/2013. Please see for full competition t & c

*Images (c) Shoko Lounge

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