MAC Spring/Summer Make-Up Haul!!


MAC make-up haul

Recently I went to MAC & quite frankly I went freakin nuts!

This is what I bought!

One MAC Pro Colour x 2 Compact. Perfect for creating your own eye shadow palette.

MAC Duo Palette with Plum Dressing & Sketch
MAC Duo Palette £6.50 with Plum Dressing £10 & Sketch £10
You buy the palette empty and then choose your own eye shadows. I chose Plum Dressing and Sketch a shade that I could just not live without.... so much so that when I got home I discovered I already owned it. Muppeto!

I love plum and pink lipsticks and I normally wear either Rebel or Cyber. I fancied something new so I snapped up 2 lipsticks Zen Rose & Girl About Town. I also grabbed a lip liner in Magenta which goes perfect with both lipsticks. Simply Gorgeous!

MAC Lipstick Girl About Town & Zen Rose
MAC Lipstick Girl About Town £14 & Zen Rose £14.50

MAC Lipstick Girl About Town & Zen Rose & Magenta Lip Liner swatched
MAC Magenta Lip Liner £11.50, Lipsticks Girl About Town & Zen Rose swatched
I was just leaving the lipstick 'area' when I spotted 'High Strung' - OMG! A lipstick just made for my personality! Ha! Ha! Ha!

MAC Frost Lipstick High Strung
Oooh frosty! MAC Frost Lipstick in High Strung £14
My last purchases of the day?

Cheek Applicator - perfect for putting on cream blushers and not getting make-up all over your hands. How on earth did I last without this in my life?!

MAC Cheek Applicator
Clean fingers! MAC cream blusher applicator £6.50
Duo Sided Sponge for foundation and powder - I have no idea if this will be remotely useful but when your hauling you're hauling!

MAC Duo Sponge
One sponge does it all! MAC Duo Sponge £5
So my MAC haul came up to a collective £92.... at least I was in England at the time so got the bag for free!

Oh my! MUA for me next month then!

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  1. I know the feeling, you go in looking for one lipstick and then you end up walking out with 5.

    Great haul x

  2. Its crazy right??! I have since been to MUA and went crazy there.

    Somebody stop me please :)


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