Tenkaichi Restaurant Review


It's sushi time!

I just love a bit of fish in my mouth so when a work colleague rounded everyone up for a meal I was there.

Tenkaichi is one of Cardiff's most popular sushi & noodle bar from students to families to young hipsters on a night out. Tenkaichi caters to all with bench seating, great service, fab food & even better plum wine. 

Steve Gray, Pretty Luscious Things
Someone's been on the plum wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine!
Like most sushi bars Tenkaichi serves a variety of Japanese food including noodles, fried rice dishes, tempura's & miso soups - so if your not a fan of sushi not to worry there's lots of other treats on offer. The menu's are clear and simple and for the lazy, drunk or for those who just love it all - bento boxes.

Bento boxes are simply the best invention ever. These magical boxes contain 'the best of everything' of the menu and its a great way to get a taste of a little bit of this and a little bit of that. 

Tenkaichi Bento Box, Tenkaichi Sushi Bar, Cardiff
Tenkaichi Bento Box
The bento box I ordered had salmon & tuna sashimi, vegetarian Californian roll, rice, pork tonkatsu, teriyaki chicken at just £13.95. Bargain. But being a greedy guts I also ordered some tempura prawns and tempura squid which I shared with the gang.

Tempura Squid at Tenkaichi, Cardiff
Oooh fishy get in my belly! Tempura Squid at Tenkaichi
The meal was absolutely gorgeous and the total bill was only £140 between 8 of us (£17.50 each) including soft drinks & 2 bottles of plum wine! Bargain.

If you ever fancy some sushi or some bento box madness I highly recommend Tenkaichi.

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