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MUA Nail Polishes, MUA Polish by Superdrug

Have you seen the new look MUA nail polishes?

I just love the cute new packaging it reminds me of a Essie bottle of nail polish but with the beauty of only being £1 as opposed to £7.99.

The packaging may have changed but the product is still good old MUA inside with the nail polish lasting for days with hardly any chipping or the colour fading.

I, of course nipped in to buy 1 polish but ended up buying 4!! Well I didn't want to leave the other bottles to be lonely on their own.

Plum Noir, Bright Pink, Strawberry Crush & Natural Days, MUA Nail Polish
All the pretty colous!
Plum Noir, Bright Pink, Strawberry Crush & Natural Days by MUA
Gorgeous eh?

I just love MUA products. Inexpensive and great value!!

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  1. I love these too and def like Essie, at a fraction of the price! I've just posted about Plum Noir, on my toes! I'd love it if you took a look! :)
    Charlotte x

  2. Oooh I'm coming over to have a look! I love Essie nail polishes but they are so expensive.


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