Red Hot Buffet Cardiff Review


Seafood Risotto, Red Hot Buffet Cardiff

Now I'm no gastronome but let me tell you one thing...

Honey, I know good food!

Just over a week ago I received a invitation by head chef Uttam Karmakar to join the chef's table at Red Hot Buffet Cardiff and before you could say +1 my friend Nicole had bagged her place and we were there.

Sushi, Red Hot Buffet Cardiff
The freshest Sushi ever!
Now I had never been to Red Hot Buffet before but I knew of the restaurant chain. Basically the restaurant chain serves 120 dishes from all around the world - American, Thai, Indian, Italian, Chinese, Japanese etc. Dishes are freshly prepared buffet style & they also have live cooking stations. The live cooking stations specially prepare dishes to suit your palette. 

Indian Street Food, Red Hot Buffet Cardiff
Poppadoms.....What Poppadoms??!
Well you know what I say to that? Yes, please!!

The idea of live cooking stations is fantastic. I really like the idea of speaking to the chef whilst he prepares my food and asking him to tailor the meal to my own taste buds. As someone who can be a bit of a fussy eater knowing that I can say 'a little more of this and a little less of that' is really appealing.

The food that we had on the night was utterly amazing - I couldn't believe the different range of food that they served and the quality was amazeballs.

Steak Teppanyaki, Red Hot Buffet Cardiff
Some of the dishes we had on the night included: Hand rolled sushi, Indian street food, Seafood Risotto, Steak Teppanyaki, the world's deadliest sorbet & a host of desserts. 

Here are some more pics from the night - all taken by my trusty sidekick Nicole as I was getting over familiar with the cocktail menu....

Mini Creme Brulee, Brownies & Cheesecake, Red Hot Buffet Cardiff
Ooooh cake!! 

Sorbet, Red Hot Buffet Cardiff
The deadliest sorbet ever! Stunning!!
Ooooh let me tell you about the cocktails!

I love cocktails. If there was one drink I had to have apart from Champagne then it would be the Red Hot Buffet signature cocktail. We managed to get a sneaky peak at the soon to be  launched cocktail & it is simply out of this world!

The new signature cocktail is a blend of triple sec, Archers, Cointreau, grenadine, fresh plums over crushed ice. So in other words - gorgeous! I could of drunk at least 4 of these but alas I had to go to work the next day. The cocktail was a perfect blend of alcohol & fresh ingredients. 

The Signature Cocktail, Red Hot Buffet Cardiff
The Signature Cocktail, Red Hot Buffet Cardiff
I never would of thought of going to Red Hot Buffet for cocktails but now you couldn't stop me. I must admit to being someone whose not easily impressed when it comes to cocktails in restaurants but 'oh my' the cocktails are good there. 

Coffee @ Red Hot Buffet, Red Hot Buffet Cardiff
A much needed coffee for Nicole!
The food, service & drinks at Red Hot Buffet was utterly amazing and I had so much fun on the night - so far my best night out of 2013. 

Thank you Smith & Smith PR & Red Hot Buffet!

Anyone looking for a new restaurant should seriously think about going to Red Hot Buffet. I can't wait to go visit again!

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