Summer, Summer, Summer Time!


Devon Outdoor Pod, John Lewis

The sun has been trying to creep out for the last few days which can mean only one thing....

... time to go all Grand Designs in the garden!

I love spending time in the garden and some of the best times I've ever had in this house has been spent out there playing some choons, drinking cocktails and basking in the sun.

This year I'm looking forward to going back out there and relaxing but first thing first I need some new stuff!

My garden is small but perfectly formed with a small deck & white washed walls so it's not gonna take much to make it look gorgeous and I know just the shop to get everything on my wishlist - John Lewis.

As I'm having a 'do over' the first I need is a little bistro set - my garden's only small so this one is perfect. I really fancy it in cream that way I can have lots of coloured plates to inject a little bit of lusciousness to it.

Emu Bistro Set by John Lewis
Emu Bistro Set £159
John Lewis, House Deck Chair
House Deck Chair in Pink £39
But to inject a bigger splash of colour into my garden I've also got my eye on these pink deck chairs. 

How fab are these? 

I can just see myself with a pitcher of mojito's kicking back & relaxing.

As y'all know I'm 'man-less' but I need some lights in the garden or I will never find my cocktail glass!

Salina Solar Lights by John Lewis
Salina Solar Lights £30

These solar lights are absolutely perfect for me. Whack em in the ground and let natural light charge them.

No 'man' needed!

Perfect!!  My little garden will have enough light to not disturb the neighbors but bright enough for me to not accidentally pick up the sunblock and try and drink it by mistake.

As well as relaxing in my garden I do love to cook so I will be breaking out the BBQ. This little green number by Weber is right up my street. Funky enough to fit in with my scheme but practical enough for me to throw some jerk chicken on.

Weber Barbecue, John Lewis
Weber Barbecue £145
Finally the last two things I need are some funky colorful plates .....

Acrylic Plates by John Lewis 
Plates, bowls and general gorgeousness from £2
......and this cool Tiffin Box

Pioneer Tiffin Box by John Lewis
Pioneer Tiffin Box £20
I love the idea of these. I can bring  4 different salads from the kitchen nice, separate and away from those pesky flies.

Perfect! I can't wait to get started!

How about you? What are you doing with your garden this summer?

Head over to John Lewis to be inspired!!

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