Nasal Guard AllergieBlock Review


AllergieBlock by NasalGuard, Hay fever remedy

I love the summer but I hate hay fever!

But now I've discovered something new to keep the hay at bay!

I received some AllergieBLOCK a few months back but due to the lack of sun in the UK I've been unable to try it until last week when the summer finally came out to play.

All my life I have suffered from the dreaded hay fever .. itchy eyes, runny nose whilst sneezing so hard I've ended up crying & looking like Alice Cooper.

Alice Cooper, Hay Fever Remedies
Maybe I should have worn waterproof mascara?!
Over the years I have tried all things to stop hay fever but I find the best way to avoid the dreaded pollen is to stay indoors! But this year in the height of summer I went off on a little jaunt to the Royal Bath & West Show deep in the heart of the west country & I needed to stop the hay fever quick.

AllergieBLOCK is a topical gel that you simply apply around & underneath la nose before the days pollen can get the better of you.

This tiny gel is gonna slay the mighty pollen? 

AllergieBlock, Hayfever Remedy, Dust Mites
AllergieBLOCK Tiny gel that packs a punch!
Really?! This is gonna be a challenge!!

My first day at the show I wasn't prepared to take a risk as the forecast was for a high pollen count so I used my hay fever tablets but substituted the nasal spray for the AllergieBLOCK. The results? No streaming and no itchy eyes. 

Perfect, time to move on to day 2. Now on day 2 I was nervous as not only was I going it alone with just AllergieBLOCK but I was also working so I couldn't spend the whole day sneezing in front of customers. I applied the ointment first thing in the morning and headed of to the field.

The day was boiling hot with a high pollen count and I was worried. But worry not! All around me people were sneezing & rubbing their eyes but I remained as gorgeous as ever. Towards the end of the day after having a shower I reapplied the gel as my face had gotten wet & I remained sniffle free for the whole day. Result!

AllergieBlock, Hay Fever Remedy
Only a tiny bit of AllergieBLOCK is needed!
For the rest of my stay in the west country I carried on using AllergieBLOCK on its own & it worked a treat.

I've got no problem using tablets or nasal sprays but I like the fact that this product is small enough to fit in my make-up bag & that its topical so its perfect for those people who don't like taking meds & can be used by children or pregnant women. AllergieBLOCK also slays allergies to dust mites, pet dander & house dust. 

AllergieBLOCK is my new handbag staple as sometimes you never know when the sun is gonna pop back out again!

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