Veet Easy Wax Kit Review


After years of shaving my pins I decided to go over to the dark side.....

Bzzagent Veet Easy Wax Kit, Home Waxing Kits

... it's time to bring on the wax.

I recently joined Bzzagent & I was lucky to receive the new Veet Easy Wax kit. Now I normally shave & the whole idea of waxing has just never appealed to me as I'm a little bit of a scaredy cat but give me a glass bottle of wine and I'll give anything a go!

I got all my goodies together - chocolate, wine, the Veet kit and got ready to cry my eyes out. Setting up the wax was easy, the wax just slots in to the portable electrical unit, plug it in and it takes 20 minutes to warm up.... just enough time to have 2 glasses of wine!

Pinot Grigio, Pretty Luscious Things
Now since this is my first time waxing I wasn't really certain where to begin, so I read the instructions which suggest that you do your legs first which are less sensitive.

Okay then, ladies bits it is! 

Well if its gonna hurt I might as well go straight to it right?!

I gulped down on my 3rd glass of wine grabbed the portable wax unit and applied it liberally to the 'area'. Taking another gulp of wine I placed the wax strip on the 'area' & ripped away. Disappointment soon followed....  I was ready to let out a big 'oooooooooouch' but I could only manage a whimper.

Veet Easy Wax Kit, Wax Kits
Veet Easy Wax Kit perfect for lady bits!
A whimper?! 

Yes, it didn't hurt at all! I've spent all my life running away from the dreaded wax and it didn't hurt at all - no pain but plenty of gain! One hour later I was a plucked chicken & slightly drunk.

The Veet Easy Wax Kit is super dooper easy to use & I was pleased to receive it from Bzzagent free of charge.

If your thinking of waxing your legs or your lady bits then give this kit a try using EASYWAX4 promo code you can get 50% at Amazon until 30 June 2013 making it a bargain £14,99.

Have you tried waxing before or do you like to get your shave on? Drop me a comment!

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  1. You won't get me waxing but the would be a cool gift.. for a enemy!

  2. Ha! Ha! You should get one. Surprisingly easy to use and fab looking legs at the end of it :)


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