Betrousse Beauty Box Review


Everyone knows I'm a beauty junkie & there is nothing like receiving a beauty box to get my monthly fix.

This month I try out Betrousse to see what all the fuss is about.

Betrousse is a French company currently supplying some of the best beauty boxes out there on the market. 

Some of you might be thinking - another beauty box company... really?!

But not only are Betrousse French (therefore uber chic) but they have different types of beauty boxes to order - Glitz & Glamour/Pretty Baby Fairy Beauty Box etc so you get to choose which box to receive. The kits contain full sized products normally worth around £70 but you pay between £10-£20 depending on which box you order & wait for it.... no monthly subscription charges.

That's right ladies - if you don't see a box that you like this month you just keep it moving. This is awesome as I just hate when you subscribe to beauty boxes and in the beginning you get lots of great stuff but after a while you get stuff that looks like you would find it in the 50p bin Poundstretcher! 

Betrousse obviously heard I was a big fan of beauty boxes & sent me the Glitz & Glamour box to review & for the last month I've been putting it to the test.  The goodies came in a black box with 5 full sized products encased in gorgeous pink tissue paper - heaven!

Betrousse Glitz & Glamour Beauty Box
Betrousse Glitz & Glamour Beauty Box C'est Chic!
Inside the box:

Mango & Safflower Body Moisturiser
This smells amazeballs & gets rid of the crocodile look the minute it hits the skin. The moisturiser is made with mango extract & almond oil and is really thick and creamy. I applied this all over after a nice soak in the bath and it made my skin feel amazing & smell delicious. 

Tulécos Peppermint Oil
Its sandle season time so after my weekly pedicures I rubbed some of this oil into my little tootsies to keep the dry skin at bay & to keep my feet looking gorgeous. Not only great for the feet but a perfect excuse to give some a massage. 

Tulécos Peppermint Oil, Betrousse Glitz & Glamour Beauty Box
Tulécos Peppermint Oil
Benta Berry Exfoliator
I generally have great skin so I don't use exfoliators but I did use this once. The exfoliator did the job and my skin felt cleaner but I would have to use this a few more times to give a honest review. 

JASON Rosewater & Chamomile Shampoo
I can't get enough of this product. Not only does it smell amazing but it's also a great clarifying shampoo as its Paraben & sodium lauryl free. I have abused this product & its now nearly empty! I've been using it on all my hair extensions to make sure they're ready to wear & squeaky clean. It lathers up really easily and a little goes a long way. I hadn't heard JASON before but this is one range I need to be buying in full.

Shimmer Lip Gloss by Make Believe
This was probably my favorite item in the box. I've never heard of this brand before & I'm not really a nude lip gloss kinda of gal, so I slicked it over my fav lipsticks & I was good to go. The lip gloss is not completely nude - it contains shimmery highlights - this will look fab when I'm on holiday with a nude face, a straw hat and a huge Mojito!
Shimmer Lip Gloss by Make Believe, Betrousse Glamour & Glitz Beauty Box
Shiny gorgeous lips 
This box was priced at just £10 but the products inside were worth around £70 according to Betrousse. £70??! Yep, that's right so I Googled the products myself to make sure & guess what? The products in this particular box were actually worth more than £70. Result!!

I must admit that I was not sure about the box before I received it - it sounded a bit too good to be true but I have to give Betrousse credit because this definitely is a beauty box subscription worth joining up for.

Do you fancy giving Betrousse a try?

Join my GFC, leave a comment below & like Betrousse's Facebook page & you might get a chance to win a box!

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  1. Never heard of Betrousse but the box looks great. Already following!

  2. Thanks for the follow. Don't forget to check out Betrousse's facebook.


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