Meet My Millionaire!!


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It has been ages since I've been blogging .... I've been busy.


Yes girl! 

Meet my millionaire!

What? MsPLT is dating a millionaire?

No honey but I've been trying to learn a whole new way how to date.

When it comes to dating I consider myself to be a know it all of dating. I've been married, dated, broken many hearts & had my heart broken more times than Ri Ri has cussed someone out on Twitter. But recently I think I've needed a little help in the dating department so I've turned to Ms Patti Stanger to help me out.

Patti Stanger, Millionaire Matchmaker, Become Your Own Matchmaker, Love, Dating
The Formidable Ms Patti Stanger
For those of you living under a rock - Patti Stanger is a 3rd generation matchmaker who has her own show called 'Millionaire Matchmaker'. The programme pretty much says what it does on the tin. Patti matches millionaires to singles - black/white/gay/straight/rich/poor etc in the hope that they will meet & fall in love.

Patti dispenses advice to people on the show, to get to the root of why they haven't met someone yet i.e. serial cheaters, insecurity, workaholic's etc & also offers advice that can work in the real world. The result of all this advice is a book 'Become Your Own Matchmaker' - a one year challenge to go from single to engaged.

I bought this book in February and this is the reason why blogging has taken a back seat - this book is tough! 

Become your own matchmaker, Patti Stanger, Patti Stanger Book, Millionaire Matchmaker, Dating Advice
THE book
A fan of tough talking Patti pulls no punches when dishing out the advice on how to get yourself ready for dating, eliminating bad dates and how to 'seal the deal'. Sorry gals, this book is not about dating millionaires (but I'll be reviewing some of those books in the future!!) but good old fashioned dating advice.

Patti is soooo mean that sometimes I felt I was listening to a recording of myself! Some of Patti's wise words include dropping 20lbs, ditch curly hair, red heads don't bother, buy new clothes, carrying a list of 5 non-negotiable's before agreeing to a date but sometimes date outside of your comfort zone & no nookie until you're serious. 

I loved, loved, loved this book. Some of the advice is new and some of the advice is good old fashioned common sense. But hearing it from someone that you don't know might make you buck up your idea's about dating and what you really should be doing if your looking to meet someone.

So did I meet someone?

Well I followed a lot of Patti's advice - bought some new clothes (any excuse), started doing Pilates (well bought a DVD),  joined some dating site's I would not of considered and dated some men that were out of my comfort zone.

I learnt that a Pilates DVD needs to be opened to work, that there are a load of fab new online shops that I had not discovered and I still cannot date a man who is not a Alpha, a gentleman or broke. One date actually counted his money in front of me to see if we could afford to take me anywhere else *shudder*.  

So 'no' I have not meet someone.......yet. After all it is a one year challenge but to be honest I don't need another engagement ring. I'm just looking for someone to chill with in the style I've become accustomed to & basically a man that I can tolerate & don't want to punch in the face.

Kinky curly hair, curly hair, Patti Stanger Curly Hair, Become your own matchmaker
Breaking all the rules with my current curly hair!
I look forward to referencing this book over and over again & not just in the next 7 months. Patti is my inner voice. A 2nd MsPLT - keeping it real & putting me on the right path when I'm about to do wrong.

This book is great & is needed by every woman going back on the dating scene.... just don't try dating with curly hair!

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  1. For a moment then I thought you had met a millionaire :) Not watched the show but I think they show it on UK television, is that right?

  2. No, no millionaire's for me. But I have found a new way to be more positive in a cesspool of dating!

  3. Yes, it airs on ITV2 at around 5pm. You should check it out :)


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