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Its pay day again and when its time to get my money from the man all I can think about is what am I going to buy?

This is what I'm currently coveting from New Look.

New Look has a smorgasbord of cocktail dresses but this is the party frock of the season!

Ruby Prom Dress £101.00
Shimmering silver sequinned top and frou frou ruffles at the bottom - this is Ruby Prom dress has SJP all over it!

I absolutely love it. Currently reduced this is one to buy now for chrimbo party.

For my fab new dress I'm gonna need some shoes and because I like to mix it up I'm gonna grab some gladiators - I love to mix soft and girly with hardcore attitude.

Gladiator Shoe, Black Shoes, New Look Shoes, Rock Chick Shoes
Gladiator Shoe £29.99
Oh if only Russell Crowe looked this good! 

Fab eh?

Now because I like to make the most out of my money I know those gladiators can go with another outfit right?

So since I'm already in New Look I might as well got another outfit!

This fab sheer top & leather look leggings is gonna take me straight to air guitar heaven!

Black Sheer Top, New Look Tops, Sequin Top, Beaded black top
Embellished Shoulder Top £24.99

Leather look Leggings, Leggings, Black Leggings New Look, PVC leggings
Leather Look Leggings £17.99

To top both of these outfits of I'll need a handbag & this black scallop beaded bag is just the right amount of bling

Black Clutch Bag, Beaded Clutch Bags, Clutch Bag New Look, New Look Bags
Beaded Clutch £19.99
Fabulous! Pay day money spent but one wish list complete!

What will you buy with your hard earned spoils this month?  

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