Three Great Hair Styles for Summer


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Summer is a great time for outdoor adventures and fun, whether it be cruising in a convertible, BBQ's or hanging out by the pool. 

But all that time in the wind, water and sun usually means your hair is looking like a hot mess.

I know there is no saving my hair the second I hit the beach.... I go from messy chic to just straight mess, so in effort to keep you looking sexy all summer long, I've come up with a few cute and fun summer hairstyles. That way you can spend less time worrying about your hair blowing everywhere and more time finding some cute men to holler at.

The Boho Braid meets Sideways Braid:

Difficulty Level: Hard but fabulous!

This is a great style for when you'll be out at the beach or lake all day and want your hair to stay in place. For this one, you'll need to know how to braid. You'll first start off by creating a side bang, you know, like old school Lauren Conrad style.

Check out this video if you don't know how to do it. 

Make this section about three inches wide and braid it in the direction that you typically part your hair. I like to usually make a deep side part so that the braid covers more of my head. Once you have created your side bang, you will need to bobby pin it behind your ear. From there you need to work from the same side of your head that you started your side braid. Begin french braiding it as if you were going to create a pigtail. Begin to turn it sideways once you reach the crown of your head and the continue to work towards the other side of your head where the side braid ended. Once you've reach the side, do your best to incorporate it into the sideways braid. Continue on to the bottom of your hair or leave the rest as a pony tail. 

Messy Sock Knot:

Difficulty Level: Medium

This is a great style for when you're running late to work or are attending an outdoor dinner.  You'll either need a sock or hair donut. For this, I use a calf height sock & cut off the toe of the sock so that it is more of a tube. Next you'll want to roll the sock into it's self so it looks like a donut. Now you have your own DIY hair donut. To use it, you will need to put your hair into a pony tail. Leave out your fringe or face framing hair pieces that you want. Place your ponytail at the crown of your head. 

Slip the sock onto your ponytail and pull it to the tip of your hair without having your hair slide out. You will then want to begin rolling your hair over and under the sock. It may take a few tries to get it right. Continue to roll the sock down your hair, slowly sucking more and more of your pony tail into it. Eventually your hair will form a bun and your sock will be directly on your head. At that point, you will want to carefully pull a few pieces of hair out. Then pin the sock to your head (without the few stray pieces). Once the sock bun is secure, you'll want pin the stray hairs around the bun in a messy fashion. This way you'll have the sleekness of the bun, but it won't be as obvious that you have a sock or donut in there.

Half up Waterfall Twist:

Difficulty Level: Easy Peasy This look is quick and easy!

Best paired with a summer dress.  You can start with your hair either curly or straight. Make a part down the middle. Then start with your right side by grabbing all of the hair between your part and your ear. Start creating a twist and moving it to the back center of your head. Secure first twist with a bobby pin. Then repeat on the left side of your head. When you reach the right twist, un-pin it and hold each piece together. Then grab a bottom part of the twist and use it to wrap the two twists together like a hair elastic. Then pin to the back of your head.

These three looks are sure to get you through summer looking great. But be sure to utilize a hair mask every once and awhile to revitalize your hair from all of the sun and wind damage and follow up with a fresh cut from a fab salon like Rush Kingston.  

What style do you rely on the most to get you through the hottest and wettest months of the year?
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