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Devious Maids, Devious Maids UK airing, Eva Longoria Devious Maids

The nights are drawing in and I need entertaining.

Here's my pick of TV to keep us entertained on those long winter nights.
Downton Abbey, Julian Fellowes Downton Abbey
Downton Abbey as it previously looked!
Straight in with simply the best program to hit the screens on a Sunday night. There is nothing like the going on's at Downton Abbey to start the week of. 

This is the highlight of me & my bestie's week (hiya Jules) and we are literally weak with laughter after Lady Grantham's acerbic put downs and we can't wait til Monday to discuss the night before.

This season should be gripping  - well as gripping as Downton get's, Matthew Crawley is dead & there are lots of new characters including the return of flighty cousin Rose and shock horror someone of color!

Jack Ross Downton Abbey, Season 4 Downton Abbey, Gary Carr Downton Abbey
Jack Ross - Downton Abbey's first character of colour
Cannot wait to see what O'Brien and Thomas the world's most spiteful & deadliest duo make of this.

Sundays @9 pm from September 22nd.

For those of you who like your tv with a bit more bite The Originals is a spin off from The Vampire Diaries and features the gorgeous Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah from VD.  Set in New Orleans The Originals are not as tight as they were hundreds of years ago - lines were drawn and each original must decide if they stand together or alone in a fight to stay alive.

The Originals, The Vampire Diaries spin off, CW, Vampire Programmes
The Originals but will it be as good as The Vampire Diaries?
The show is due to air in October and is to be shown on Syfy not ITV2. Loving the idea of finding out more about the original vamps but hoping that the gorgeous Damian from The Vampire Diaries will find a way to guest appear.

Damian Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder, The Vampire Diaries
Oooh Damian!
That is one vampire I wouldn't mind biting my neck... arm.... thigh.... Oh my!

True Blood season  6 makes its way back to UK screens and I must admit I wasn't loving the last series. I think the writing and the script lost its way about 2 seasons ago but I only keep watching for the sheer entertainment of Lafayette and the hope that Eric might be scantily clad.

Expect Jason to get into more 'risky' situations, Bill to say 'Soooooooooooooooooooooooookie ' a lot, Eric to pine for Sookie & Tara  & Pam to come out with the best one-liners in Bon Temps.

Lafayette True Blood, True Blood, True Blood Season 6
This look just says 'bitch please...'
Anyway Season 6 airs on September 30th @ 10 pm on Fox  

Other shows I'm looking forward to this season including The Carrie Diaries - a series based on everyone's favorite Sex and The City character Carrie Bradshaw but in her late teens.

The Carrie Diaries, Carrie Bradshaw, Young Carrie Bradshaw
Who will be young Carrie's Mr Big?
Not certain how this will stack up as I could really relate to the problems that Carrie and her friends had trying to date, buy shoes and be fabulous whilst dealing with 'life'but since its being done by the peeps who did Gossip Girl I'll definitely give it a go..

No UK air date yet but already release in the US so it can be found online.

Saved the best for last - Devious Maids written by Marc Cherry scriber of classic shows like Golden Girls and Desperate Housewives brings us another slice of American life but this time from the POV of the maids who work in the houses of the uber rich. 

Co-produced by Eva Longoria the cast features 5 latina leading ladies - a first in US history. Expects lots of bitching, sly one liners, fabulous clothes, at least one affair, two murders and a threat from a boss to deport someone at least once a week! 

Devious Maids, Devious Maids UK airing, Eva Longoria Devious Maids
Will Mr Muscle get this out?
Wednesday 9th October @9 pm on TLC.

What are you watching this autumn?

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