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I love MAC products and have been wearing it for the last 20 years.

Whilst MAC may not be the cheapest brand out there they do offer a nice little treat if you bring empties back  - return to MAC.

Its really quite simple you return 6 empty MAC containers to a MAC store, MAC make-up counter or online and in return you get to choose a lovely new lipstick for FREE!!

Return to MAC, MAC empty containers, MAC cosmetics
Now, I know they say replace make-up 6-24 months but it does a while to build up to the empty 6 especially with all the other products I use. The girl at the counter even had to ask her colleague if one of my empties was genuine MAC as she had never seen the color before as it was so old!

Trying to choose a shade was not easy and I nearly went with Rebel as that's the color I sport on a regular basis but in the end I chose New York Apple.

New York Apple by MAC, MAC cosmetics, MAC lipsticks, Return to MAC
I'll try this in a New York minute!
I've never tried New York Apple before but I liked the shimmery tones, so I decided to live on the edge & because I was not certain if I £15 loved it getting on back to MAC was brilliant.

Have you returned your empties to MAC or know of a similar scheme with another make-up brand?

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