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Have you been to Red Hot World Buffet?

No? Be warned this place reeks havoc on your diet!

All summer I have been working hard on trying to maintain the body beautiful but the minute I had a email from Red Hot World Buffet inviting me to be one of their Red Hot Tasters I knew I would be digging out the size 14's the next day.

Arriving at the restaurant I immediately ordered the signature cocktail whilst waiting for my friend who was currently being held hostage by H&M. After my friend arrived we got her set up with a frozen margarita had a quick chat and then we were ready to get our eat on.
Frozen Margarita Red Hot World Buffet, Signature cocktail Red Hot World Buffet
I love cocktail time!
Heading round Red Hot World Buffet is literally one of the hardest thing I have had to do.This place has over 300 dishes on the menu plus the live stations! 

First of I headed to the cold selection and started off with some sushi. The sushi seemed to be really popular as there was only a few pieces there but before I could reach for the wasabi one of the staff was there topping up with a fresh batch.

This seems to be pretty much how the staff seem to work at Red Hot World Buffet always topping up the food so no-one is disappointed and this is no mean feet considering the amount of dishes they have to make.

After my first plate of sushi I headed over to the  popular Indian section where I could not resist the lamb curry which I think was a rogan josh and the world's tastiest Bombay potatoes. They were honestly the best potatoes I have ever had. 

Indian dishes at Red Hot World Buffet, Indian food at Red Hot World Buffet
Gotta love those tatties!
I find that some times when you go for buffet type restaurants some of the ethnic dishes are 'watered' down make them more appealing to all. So I was really pleased that the potatoes tasted as good as a Indian restaurant. The lamb was delicate and fell of the bone but I think it would taste better hotter. For those that don't like it hot there's always korma!

After 2 more plates including Chinese & Tex Mex, I gave up - I couldn't manage a single grain of rice but my friend was still going and she managed to fit in one of their yummy desserts in.

Desserts at Red Hot World Buffet, Red Hot World Buffet
Is there any room for any more?

The meal was fantastic and even though I should of known better - I didn't & I felt like a beached whale. I ate so much that yep, I had to wear the size 14 trousers the next day!

Check out Red Hot World Buffet if you've not been yet ... just make sure you've got some 'big' clothes for the next day!

Image (c) Red Hot World Buffet

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