Top 5 Dirty Sexy Men!!


Justin Timberlake, Justin Timberlake Future, Sex, Love Sounds

JT was always telling us how is was bringing sexy back and yep he's cute if you like your boys a little cute and tidy.

But I want a man whose dirty sexy & who is always bringing the sexy.... left, right and centre.

Here are my top 5 dirty sexy men.

From the moment I saw Lenny Kravitz I wanted to go his way. Hot! Hot! Hot!

Lenny Kravitz, Lenny Kravitz Shirtless
The dreads are gone but Lenny can still pull the laydeez
Sexy Becks. Granted David Beckham also falls into the sexy sexy category of letching but when he has his shirt of he's dirty sexy all the way.

David Beckham shirtless, David Beckham, David Beckham dirty sexy, Davide Beckham shirt off
Ooh becks, you've got me blushing
I really enjoy Jason Statham films because I know that in every 11 minutes that white shirt will be off and he will be dropping at least 4 ninja's all for the love of a lady... or a mysterious package.

Jason Statham, Transporter 3, Expendables, Jason Statham shirt off
Jason knows how to kick ass on any continent 
Either way Statham delivers dirty sexy every time.

I love Daniel Craig he is the ultimate man for me... wears a suit, kills people and he is sharp as. Yum Yum. 

Daniel Craig, James Bond, Casino Royale, Daniel Craig, Daniel Craig Blue Trunks
OO heaven! Daniel is the bond!
Charlie Hunham is the king of dirty sexy as Jax Teller the hottest, conflicted biker to come out of Charming. Catch him anyway you can in Sons of Anarchy.

Charlie Hunham, Jax Teller Shirtless, Charlie Hunham shirtless, Sons of Anarchy, SAMCRO
Oh Jax I'd love to be your old lady.
Who'd be in your top 5 of dirty sexy men?

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