Get into that little black dress for Christmas!


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Christmas maybe round the corner and before we over indulge in mince pies and Quality Streets its time to get into shape for the LBD.

I am a girl who is constantly trying to lose weight or maintain my weight as some of you probably know. The latest thing I'm trying is Techno Cardio Transformation - an audio fat loss program.

Never heard of an audio fat loss progam?

Well an audio fat loss program is basically like having a personal trainer in your ear whilst doing your 'normal' routine. You download a program to your iPod/MP3/mobile phone etc. and do your usual work out but you get someone telling you to up the ante ever now and again. 

I downloaded the program  to my iPod and busted some moves whilst doing my regular exercise video. As I've done the workout a million times I don't need to listen to the audio but you can also use this when running/cycling etc.

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Great advice and even better beach
The trainer puts you through your paces but its evenly paced so you don't start of like a lunatic with no-where to go. The audio has a slight disco techno backdrop (I see what they did with that) but its not annoying or distracting & I found it really motivating. 

An audio coach might not be everyone's cup of tea as you do need to have some self discipline and motivation but it's a great way to give you that extra boost & apparently it helps you work out that little bit more and weight loss should be approximately 6 times more than a regular work out. 

You'll be saying "can I get that in a size small" in no time.

The program I used has 4 program all for $39.99 & the site also has a handy guide to fat & metabolism that you can get by clicking on the link above. Even if you don't fancy working out this guide is great especially during the holiday season when we all tend to party, eat and drink that little bit more.

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If you only have one bottle it's okay right??!!
A great one off price with no need to pay a personal trainer each session - pay once and your done!

I'm getting set for Christmas!

Check out instagram in the future for little black dress pics!!
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