NasalGuard Cold & Flu Block Review


Its the winter - a time for fab winter coats and at least one dose of the flu. 

Earlier this year I reviewed NasalGuard's Allergy Block but this time they're back with a cold and flu block.

This treatment works the same as the hay fever block, simply squeeze some of the product onto your fingers, rub together to release the positively charged gel and rub under your nose.

The gel acts as barrier and stops any viruses getting through.

Nasalguard Cold&FluBlock, Cure for flu, Cure for Colds

I've been using this* for a couple of weeks and so far I have not gotten sick but its hard to tell whether its because I got lucky or if its working. With the hay fever block it was much easier to say - yes, it works because I suffer so badly from hay fever.

Anyway this little product here is great for all the family and could be used by children and pregnant ladies.

Its in stores for £11.99.

*Promotional item received to review

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