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Some people like to wait for the weekend to enjoy a good cocktail but as far as I'm concerned everyday is cocktail day.

When I received these fab handmade thermo glasses I knew it was gonna be cocktail time in the next 10 minutes!

Thermo glasses in case you've never heard of them are glasses that are made of  Borosilicate - a heat resistant glass that you can use for either hot or cold drinks. 

Ozeri Thermo Glasses, Unusual Glassware, Gifts for Christmas, Ozeri
Oh my - the possibilities are endless
Yep, you can make a hot frothy cappuccino or a Cosmopolitan and use these glasses.  The Ozeri Curva glasses are double walled so the heat or cold never gets 'out' so your hands can comfortably hold drinks - hot or cold.

As I don't drink coffee/tea I made a hot Ribena in a glass and yep, my hands remained cool.

How cool is that?

Being a cocktail chick I was straight in there making some delicious Vodka & Cranberry Juice & Mai Tai drinks and I made some lime & pineapple ice cubes which would look even better in a clear drink like a G & T.

Lime & Pineapple Ice Cubes, Cocktails, Party Drinks, Christmas Drinks
I don't know whether to put these in my drink or eat them!

Ozeri Curva Glass, Mai Tai's, Cocktails, Christmas Party Drinks
Mai Tai with Lime & Pineapple Ice Cubes

Ozeri Glasses, Curva Thermo Glasses, Party Drinks
Now this is what am talking about
I like these glasses as not only do they do they job but they come in 4 unique designs that make them quirky and a great conversation piece. I'm gonna use these the next time I have people over for dinner and make chocolate mousses in them - I can't wait to see how they turn out. 

What would you make in your glasses? Leave me a comment!

Images (c) Ozeri

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  1. They look really great! So trendy x

  2. They are great looking glasses - the only downside to doing a review like this is all the cocktails I was 'forced' to drink 'hic'. Lol


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