Top 5 Tips to Get Gorgeous Party Feet!!


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Its Paaaaaaaaaaaarty season!

So the one thing my feet need is to look & feel gorgeous!

Looking after my feet in the holiday season is a number one priority. Rushing from cocktail party to party my feet can end up looking like they've gone through the mill but to stop that happening here's my top five tips.

1. Have a pedicure! Nothing makes your feet better than a good clip of the toe nails and get your feet gorgeous by using some Compeed products to get them looking tip top.

2. Use a great foot scrub and also some epsom salts to soak your tootsies after a night out. Removing any unsightly skin will make your feet look gorgeous and the epsom salts which is loaded with magnesium will help build and repair any damage tissue. Soak for at least 15 minutes ... funnily enough just the same amount of time it takes to drink a glass wine!!

Liz Hurley Feet, Celebrity Feet, Look after your feet in the holiday season, Corns
Get this girl a feet scrub!!
3. Buy shoes that are comfortable! We've all been there & seen the cutest pair of shoes but alas our size was out. If you can't get the shoes you want in your size then leave them in the store...... for me :)

4. Feet still hurting you from the night before?! Enjoy the comfort of gel insoles in your shoes these give your heels a little support & also help your feet maintain a good grip when getting down on the dance floor. No-one needs to lose a shoe whilst getting down to Single Ladies!

Beyonce dancing gif, Beyonce, Christmas Party Feet
Love this!
5. If all else fails wear trainers!! Fab ones of course!!

Studded Trainers, Wedge Trainers, Women's Trainers

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